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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Days 68 ~ 72...

This past week was busy with Spring Break, my daughter's birthday, and getting my mom where she needed to go.  In spite of it all, I still managed to get in a lot of activity!  My eats were good more or less, although we had a BBQ for my daughter's birthday and we ate really late.  We also had alot of errands to run that day and ate fast food for lunch. All in all I did well.  I was up 2 pounds for yesterday's weigh in, but the scale was already down a pound today. 

I went to Urgent Care early Friday morning to have my foot looked at.  My Achilles tendon is out of whack and I have a bone spur on the bottom of my foot.  I am allowed to walk and have some foot stretches to spin, bike, or Zumba for two full weeks. 

Onto finish laundry... 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Days 65 ~ 67...

Days 65 ~ 67 I did pretty well with exercise.  Sunday I was busy around the house, but didn't earn a ton of activity pp.  Saturday I did earn 12pp though! 

Monday I went to spin the morning and walked an hour at my daughter's track practice.  My walking buddy didn't go, but I walked by myself anyway.  I cut it short with an hour rather than an hour and a half because my foot was hurting.  I earned 16pp for the day.  It was kind of an eaty day, but I tracked it all.

Tuesday I decided to rest my foot.  I did some stuff around the house and ran some errands and earned 5pp for the day.  My eats were not perfect, but I did track.

The scale is back up.  I really think I should stop weighing myself everyday.  It makes sense that my weight will go up and down during the week...Saturday's weight should be all that matters.  I am going to put the scale away after I weigh in this Saturday until the next Saturday...if I move, track 100%, and stay within my dailies and weeklies, it should be down by the following Saturday!

Onto Day 68...Busy getting stuff done at home and we have track practice tonight!

Day 64 & Weigh In...

Weigh In...226.0...Down 1.5 pounds with Aunt Flo in town...woo hoo!!!

Total since my restart on Jan 26, 2013...6.5 pounds.

Total since my original start on Feb 26, 2011...69.7 pounds.  I am almost back to 70 and 13.3 away from my lowest back in December of 2011 and I have not seen this number on the scale since October of last year.  I am so excited and really looking forward to another good week!

Today's exercise will be jumping on a trampoline with my daughter at a friend's birthday party.

Onto making Day 64 a good one!

We had a blast at the party...once I got my nerve up to step onto the trampoline!  My daughter and I jumped for a good hour and a half.  We drank a ton of water, I had a small slice of pizza, veggies, fruit, a small ham sandwich, and a few bites of cake.  Everyone there was eating and eating and eating and I could have joined in, but decided to get back to jumping instead.  I know I would not have had the nerve to do it before I started WW...and maybe not even this time last year.  We had so much fun and I am going to try to fit in another trip to that place for my daughter and I.  I tracked 100% on my phone during the party and was happy with my eats!