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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 6...

Yesterday I made it to 84% and earned 3pp for the day.  I have really missed my walk the past few days...only a few more days until Aunt Flo is has not been a pleasant visit this month!

I ended the day well, 100% tracking and only used 7 of my weeklies.  I still have 17 left...success...and it is Thursday...super success!

I had to add more ice cream to my husband's ice cream cake to make it look right.  I have given up on figuring the pp since the total amount is ridiculous at this point.  The cake is large so a small slice wouldn't be too bad, but I had 3 Oreos for 4pp yesterday, have spent alot of time working on the cake, and at this point I think I am over it.  I have just about decided that I will have a sugar free, fat free pudding cup and some fat free Cool Whip and feel good because I know exactly how many pp I am eating and won't have the stress of figuring out a serving size and such.  I know my husband won't mind.  His mom is coming this weekend for a cook-fest.  I told him I am not eating everything she cooks and will have some pp friendly items on hand.  He said it was fine, and I know he meant it.  He knows how badly I want to lose weight and understands that it is not easy.  I have worked really hard this week and hope Aunt Flo will not get in my way on the scale Saturday.  Since this week will mark my first weigh in I want to make it count.  I am really hoping for at least 5 pounds...we'll see!

My daughter got her new glasses last night and was so excited to wear them to school.  She wasn't feeling 100% yesterday and last night we were up 1/2 the night and she was miserable.  She is home with me today and will hopefully go back to school tomorrow.  I hate to keep her home but I think alot of her sickness is from kids whose parents send them to school sick.

Last night we made a few birthday signs and taped them in my husband's truck.  I peeked out the window and saw his smile...success!

I have to take my mom to physical therapy.  My daughter and I are going to wrap up in blankets in the car and I will read to her.  When we get home I am going to make pizza for lunch, run to the store for a few dinner items, decorate the dining room, and make my husband's Beer Can "Cake" Centerpiece. Lots to do!

Onto making Day 6 a good one!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 5...

Last night I made it to 75% and earned 2pp for the day. 

I am still not feeling well because of Aunt Flo, so I am taking another day to stay home and do stuff around the house in efforts to get in some activity but not be too miserable.

I usually have a banana and piece of string cheese as a morning snack.  This morning I tried a 2-ingredient pancake...I used 3/4 of a banana that I mashed and then mixed it into a raw scrambled egg.  I made one "pancake" using half of the mixture and scrambled the rest...the "pancake" was definitely my favorite of the two.  I used just a bit of pancake syrup on the top for the full pancake flavor.  I liked it and would make it again.  We are actually having pancakes and turkey sausage for dinner, but I will have the real thing since I have already had 2 eggs and 1 white today.  I just have to plan lunch and an afternoon snack and my eats should be good for the day.

My hubby's birthday is tomorrow.  He loves cake-less ice cream cake, but it is expensive and super high in pp so my daughter and I are going to make one ourselves.  I am going to use light cookies and cream ice cream, hot fudge, canned whipped cream, and reduced fat Oreos.  I have calculated the pp if I use the entire package of each ingredient, but I think I will only need to use the Oreos to make the crumbs for the bottom and top and then a few whole cookies for the top as decorations so that will save ALOT of pp!  My daughter and I will be the only ones who know that it is a "healthier" version and I am going to measure and track my portion accurately to be able to enjoy but still stay within my pp.

I was going to make him a fake cake with one of his gifts (a set of wrenches) inside, but I decided I will wait until next year because on the way to the grocery store this morning I had the genius idea to make him a "Beer" cake instead.  I was looking online for ideas for diaper cakes the other day and this morning thought I could mane one using full beer cans instead.  I think I can get three tiers out of a 30 pack and I will use bungee cords in place of ribbons...I also have some screwdrivers, that I got for free when I got the wrenches that I can use somehow to decorate.  I will top it with some of his favorite candy and a birthday balloon...I am so excited and bummed I didn't have the thought until after I dropped my daughter off at school...she will be excited to help me especially since her "Papi" will love it!

Tons to do today...Day 5...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 4...Rough day, but I made it through!

I wasn't feeling well when I got up this morning so I figured I would wait to take my walk until I took my mom to the gym.  I should have just gone anyway because by the time I took my mom to the gym I really wasn't feeling like walking.  Instead I spent the morning doing laundry and watching a bit of TV. 

After I got my mom from the gym I made her lunch, picked up my daughter, took my mom to get a pedicure, picked her up, picked my son up, and finally got back home around 3:30pm...sometimes I think several short trips are more tiring than one long one!

When we got home I did some more laundry and cleaned up here and there.  Dinner was lower fat turkey dogs, old fashioned Mac & Cheese, and baked breaded green beans.  We all voted the breaded zucchini is better...I think there is a more balances veggie to breading ratio. 

This afternoon while my daughter and I were home waiting for my mom to finish at the nail shop I was feeling "eaty".  I had a few small snacks, measured everything, and tracked every bite.  At dinner I figured and refigured so I could eat a bit less, still be satisfied, and not use too many of my weeklies.  I ended up using 9 weeklies for the day, which still leaves me with 24...woo hoo!  I was going to make red velvet cupcakes topped with Cool Whip for dessert, but since I didn't want to spend the pp, I opted not to.  My dad wasn't being very nice about dinner which didn't make me want to go out of my way to make a nice dessert anyway...makes me feel kinda mean, but I am tired of getting kicked around!

My daughter and I were going to go to a scrapbook show with a friend we haven't since in almost a year.  Her work schedule is kind of iffy, my mother-in-law insisted on coming to cook, my husband has to work, and I don't like yes, no, yes, no.  Therefore, we are not going.  I would have just taken my daughter even if my friend couldn't go, but since she wasn't too upset I decided it wasn't worth it.  Maybe next year, maybe this point I could care less.

In spite of it all I did well with my eats today.  I won't make it to 100% on my ActiveLink, but yesterday's walk should have been enough to allow me a rest day.

Day 4...Success...

Onto Day 5...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 3...Still going strong!

Last night I had trouble sleeping and tossed and turned all night.  Around 2am my mom was having a nightmare and screaming.  It happens from time to time and scares me half to death when it wakes me up.  I ran into to her room and woke her up in hopes that the nightmare would be done when she fell back to sleep.  Apparently she was in the middle of a bank robbery!?!?

I got up before the alarm and hopped in the shower.  I made breakfast, the kids and I got ready, and we were out the door right on time.  The house was quite warm so I did not realize it was so cold outside...36 degrees...cold...for California anyway.  I didn't let it stop me though.  I walked 6 1/2 miles...up down, up down, level, up, was a LONG walk.  I was tired right before the end but got my second wind and finished strong!  I am already past 100% and have earned 7pp and it is only 1pm...yeah!

When I got home I had a banana and a nectarine.  I made taco salad for lunch using leftovers from last night and added 2pp of cooked fibery pasta along with veggies and guacamole.  I had 4pp worth of Doritos on the side.  It was good and filling. 

After lunch I made a few calls for some parts for my husband's truck that I am going to go pick up soon.  Then I will be back to take my daughter to her first eye doctor appointment.  This is her first official eye doctor visit and she is nervous.  She has been having trouble seeing the board so I hope we can get her glasses and it will help.  I am so thankful the visit is covered 100% by our $ 45 copay...woo hoo!  We will get prices for her glasses at the doctor, Wal-Mart, and Sam's club and then decide who has the best glasses for the best price.

I am going to pack some carrots, water, and FiberOne Cereal for the road as will we be gone for a number of hours.

Today is going to be successful!  I have already planned dinner...Turkey & Bean Chili topped with freshly grated cheddar cheese and onions with some of yesterday's bread, yogurt butter, and more chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  I have already tracked the rest of my day and have plenty of weeklies if I need something extra later on.

Onto finish Day 3...

Day 2...

Sunday morning my mom's friend took her to church, my daughter was still at her friends, my son was sleeping in, and my hubby and I were up at 6am.  He was going to help out a friend and I decided to go for a walk.  The weather was perfect and I got in my normal 3 mile hilly loop.

I had a quiet breakfast before I left for my walk and planned out dinners for the week.

Shortly after I got home it was time to get my daughter and pick my mom up from church.  We stopped at the Mexican market on the way...we bought some freshly baked smokin' hot bread.  My daughter had some in the car...I did not.  I did want to as the smell was enough to float me right into the bag.  However, I remember the week before when I ate one of those heavenly rolls and then had the genius idea to weigh and point it our after to find that it was worth 14pp!  I will never eat bread again without knowing, and tracking the pp first!

Church got out later than my mom planned...almost an hour later so my daughter and I sat in the car, with the bread, and waited for her.  I chewed gum, played on my phone, talked with my daughter, and resisted the bread...woo hoo!

By the time my mom finally got out it was noon and my daughter and I were more than ready for lunch.  My mom decided to treat us and my daughter picked The Mongolian Grill.  It is close by, affordable, and delicious.  I started with a salad that was filled with veggies, 2 tbs total of kidney and garbanzo beans, and 1/2 hard boiled egg.  I skipped the bacon, seeds, croutons, and even dressing!  I added extra beets as they are wet and I didn't even miss my beloved ranch...another woo hoo!

After my salad I had 2 small bowls of Egg Flower Soup topped with green onions.  I had never tried it before and it was so tasty and filling!  I was going to have a vegetable egg roll, but opted not to because I couldn't decide how many pp it would be. 

My third course was a trip to the grill bar.  I chose two small pieces of chicken and beef, 1/4 cup low mien noodles, a ton of veggies, 1 tsp of sesame oil, some garlic water, and a bit of BBQ "sauce".  Once cooked I added a bit of low sodium soy sauce and enjoyed every guilt free bite!

For dessert I slowly enjoyed 1 fortune cookie.  By the time we were done I felt satisfied, proud of my choices, and just right...not hungry, not stuffed...another woo hoo!

My husband got home right before we did and was ready for a quiet daughter and I were too!  My son was in his room playing video games with his friends so my hubby, daughter and I took the rare opportunity to "be lazy".  We layed around and watched some funny movies.  I had a few snacks of fruit throughout the afternoon and resisted the chips that my hubby and daughter chose...hers were backed, his were not.  I stuck to my guns and enjoyed my tracked 0pp and low pp treats!

I made "Dorito" tacos for take on Taco Bell's Dorito shelled tacos.  I use thick, soft, flour tortillas quickly fried in a very little canola oil.  In the taco goes taco seasoned lean ground beef, iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes, onions, black olives for me, and crushed Doritos.  Sometimes we add guacamole and thinned out fat free sour cream but we had no sour cream and everyone chose to eat the guacamole on the side.  I took the time to weigh and measure my dinner so I could enjoy it and track it accurately.  I am still counting all vegetables as 0pp, except for potatoes and all of their cousins.  If my mind can be satisfied and tell me I don't need 10 other foods  if I eat a reasonable amount of guacamole and I call it 0pp then I am good.  I don't want to avoid healthy foods like avocado, corn, and peas because they have pp values that I might rather spend of some other foods.  So I am going to eat them and call them 0pp until I see the need to change.  For dessert I made some homemade chocolate chip cookies with mini M & M's instead of chocolate chips.  I made a full batch of dough but only baked what we needed for dessert...everyone got 2 cookies...even me for only 5pp! 

I earned 10pp and reached 141% for the day and only used 4 of my weeklies.

** I was also down 3 pounds this morning from yesterday and I am feeling good! **

Day 2...Success!

Day 1...January 26, 2013...

I got up for WW, saw the scale, and thought long and hard about what to do next.  I am tired of working so hard to lose one week only to gain the next. 

I got up super early and got to the meeting at 6:20am so I could walk was pitch black so I sat in my car until it was lighter.  I looked through my WW weight log on my phone and decided I should have reset my weight when I rejoined in August.  Once it was light enough, I walk 1 mile, weighed in, walked another mile, sat through the meeting, and walked a 3rd mile.  When I told the receptionist I wanted to reset my weight, I got the same response as last time...."But you have lost so much".  I told her I knew that and was sure I wanted to start fresh with a clean slate!

Saturday was great.  I took the time to slow down a bit, plan my food, go through my new tracker and really sit down with the program like it was all new.  I earned 8pp and reached % on my ActiveLink, I weighed all of my food, tracked every bite, and felt satisfied with my choices, and myself, by the end of the night.

Saturday night my daughter had her first sleepover at a friend's house.  My husband and I were both missing her too much, but she had a good time, was just down the street, and her friend's parents are nice. 

Day 1...of my new 2013 Weight Loss Journey...SUCCCESS!!!

Onto Day 2...

Days 154 & Weigh In...

The day ended well...I got in some good activity, and good eats.  I thought weigh in would be too bad...from Friday to Saturday I gained 1 /2 pounds which brought me a 3 1/2 pound gain for week.

Onto a fresh start...

Friday, January 25, 2013

End of Day 153 & Start of Day 154...

Yesterday afternoon I went to my daughter's school to always makes me feel good to be around the kids and I really like her teacher too!  We got home from school and had a few reasonable snacks.  We worked on homework and watched a movie together.  I picked my son up from school, made dinner, and choked half to death on a piece of roast beef lunch meat.  After that episode I decided to just have some baked zucchini for dinner rather than my "club" salad...I wasn't too hungry anyway, so it was fine.  After dinner I helped my mom do the dishes, watched the Novela with my hubby, and went to bed by 8pm.  I had a very frustrated feeling afternoon, and I know the sleep did me some good!

This morning I woke up early but stayed in bed until the alarm went off anyway.  The scale was down another 1.5 pounds from yesterday so I have hope I won't gain at tomorrow's weigh in.  The weather was super overcast and sprinkling by the time I dropped the kids off at school.  I was determined to go for a walk anyway, especially since I missed it yesterday and stressed about it all day.  I took a good 3 mile walk...the first 2 miles it sprinkled...the last mile it poured.  By the time I got back to the car I was soaked...but feeling good that I did it. 

When I got home I made a smoothie.  At last week's WW meeting I bought a box of the salted caramel smoothie mix because it was on sale and I have never tried them.  I put it in the blender with 1 cup of fat free milk, 1 1/2 cups of baby spinach, and some ice.  I probably added to much ice so I added a bit more milk to give it a better was smooth, green, and delicious!

For lunch I am going to have another homemade pizza...I have two pieces of pre-measured dough left.  My mom might have the other.  For dinner we are having lean burgers and more baked zucchini...I think we might have some of the baked green beans as well and skip fries altogether.  I found the veggies at Wal-Mart in the freezer section...they are breaded, but since you bake them and they are not too bad pp-wise...they are a good, special side...and  veggie to boot!

I am going to pick up some more fresh fruit when my mom is at the gym so I can cut it up and put healthy choices in the front of the fridge.  I am not going to tell anyone in my family, but I am going to buy less junk that tempts cream, chips, crackers, etc...and more of the good stuff and hope no one notices.  I am sure they will...especially my parents.  Sometimes I get frustrated that they don't want me to be fat, but they never wanted to help me not be fat either.  They sent me to fat amp when I was 11...I lost 17 pounds over the summer and I was horribly homesick.  I came home so excited and ready to continue, but no one wanted to exercise with me or help me cook the healthy meals I was taught to cook at camp.  I wish I would have just done it on my own, but at age 11, there was only so much I could do on my own.  Now I am back in a similar situation where they want snacks and dessert every single day.  I don't want that for myself or my kids, but when that kind of food is in the house it is hard for us not to eat it.  I would rather have the fridge and pantry filled with good choices and then go out, once and awhile, for treats...someday...

Oh well...I have about 25 minutes until I take my mom to the gym.  When we get back I will make lunch and then I am going back to my daughter's school to help.  I need some time out of this house that is more than just going to the grocery, pharmacy, doctor, etc...

Onto making Day 154 a good one...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 153...

The scale was down .5 this morning from yesterday...I still have 3 pounds to go to be able to maintain for Saturday's weigh in.  This week has been a struggle with my son being sick and trying to get my mom everywhere she needs to go.

Yesterday I sliced a good chunk out of my thumb when I was slicing is tender, but I am not going to let it slow me down!  I had planned to take a nice long walk this morning and then another while my mom is in physical therapy, but the weather is not cooperating as it is pouring rain!  I can hardly wait to get back to the gym.  Once we get our taxes back, I am going back for sure...I really miss it!  I am down to two options...returning to my old gym, or going to the gym my mom goes to.  There are pros and cons to each so I have yet to decide.

My gym ~

  • It is literally 3 minutes from my house (driving).
  • I feel comfortable there...with the staff and members.
  • The price is right!
  • The machines and spin bikes are old and should be repaired or replaced.
  • The number of classes, and times they are held, don't fit well into my schedule...or lack thereof!

My mom's gym ~

  • The machines and spin bikes are in better condition.
  • They offer more classes of each type.
  • It is about 10 minutes from our mom only goes every other day...if that often...I would like to go at least 5 days a week. 
  • It is a bit more intimidating...probably members more than staff?
  • It is more expensive.
  • I couldn't shop at Sam's & Wal-Mart, to save a trip,  while my mom is at the gym if I am there too.

I think to make my final decision I will do a trial few days at my mom's and see how it goes.  I actually did join that gym years ago and did not feel as good there as I did at my old gym.  I think I may just have answered my own question...feeling good about the gym you go to is just as important as going!  We'll see!

Last night, after my late night snack, I decided to prepare my eats for today.  I am going to have a homemade pizza for lunch so I chopped up the veggies, canadian bacon, and measured out the is all in one container ready to go onto my crust and bake.  For dinner I am making club sandwhiches, baked zucchini, and eggplant.  I am going to have a salad instead of a sandwhich and have already put the chicken, veggies, and measured out cooked bacon to throw together with some spinach, iceberg, and tomatoes when it is time for dinner.  I also pretracked my entire day to include snacks.  I am not sure what I am going to do for activity...but I will think of something.  I really want to the scale to either stay the same or go down a bit this week.  My TOM is coming along with my random eats this week, less exercise, and general stress, I feel doomed.

Day 152...

This morning my son got up and took a shower and still was not feeling well.  He went back to bed and after a few minutes of TV was back to sleep.  I know when he really doesn't feel good because he would much rather watch TV and play video games rather than sleep.

The weather was perfect for a walk this morning, but the serviceman has still not come so I am here taking care of stuff at my desk.  I did some arm exercises with my 5 pound weights for about 5 minutes this morning while waiting for 2 round of english muffins to toast for my daughter and I.  Something is better than nothing, and a lot of little somethings can add up throughout the day!

I had a good, pp friendly, breakfast and made a batch of homemade pizza dough so lunch will be quick and easy.  For breakfast I had an english muffin "open-faced" topped with 1 piece of cheese, canadian bacon, 1 egg, and 1 white.  I was going to top it with tomato, but I forgot to put them in the fridge as I like them cold....I will make up for it at lunch with tons of veggies on my pizza.  I found a canadian bacon that is only 1pp for 5 slices.  I have been having 2 for breakfast and the then the remaining 3 for "free" sometime later in the day.  Today I am going to use them on my pizza.

I did with well with my eats the rest of the day.  Around 8pm, I was physically hungry.  I rarely eat after dinner, but after waiting a bit I decided I truly was hungry.  I had a piece of sourdough toast, cottage cheese, and some strawberry jelly...not too bad...then I had another piece of toast with some peanut butter and jelly.  That last piece put me over...I felt too full and should have waited to decide if I was still hungry.  Next time I will try to focus and pay attention to my body to determine if I still need more, or just want more. 

Day 152...Late night lesson learned...

I did earn 4pp and reach 92% on my ActiveLink...I should have worked a little harder to 100%, but I just wasn't feeling well.

Onto Day 153...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Days 150 & 151...Struggling...

Yesterday was very long. My daughter and I took my mom's friend to the doctor...we got there super early and ended up walking in circles between two buildings to try and get her a flu shot because her doctor was at lunch...when finally got where we needed to be, we found out the flu shot givers were at lunch as well.  The entire ordeal took us a few hours, including her actual appointment, a trip to the pharmacy, and the flu shot.  By the time we were done and dropped her off, my daughter and I were beyond ready for this time it was already 3pm!  We had packed some fruit for snacks, but I didn't plan on being there that long.  We found a Hometown Buffet...the one close by us closed.  I had one of the best salads ever...probably tasted so good because I was so hungry.  I also had some good protein, about 2 tbs of mac and cheese, 1 bite of stuffing with gravy, and some no sugar added fat free yogurt for dessert with a bit of choc cake and peach cobbler.  I waited in between courses and left not feeling stuffed...success!  I had not eaten to much early in the day...that probably helped.

I fancied up a package of potato soup by adding some cooked diced potatoes, freshly grated cheddar cheese, chopped green onions, and lower fat bacon.  My daughter and I each had just a small bowl and everyone else liked it too.  My husband ate hot dogs and all was well.

This morning I had planned to go for a walk, but my son wasn't feeling well enough to go to school.  He started feeling cold like symptoms yesterday and was worse today.  He slept alot and I rented some movies...he is feeling better but still not 100%.  Since he is 16 and doesn't often hang out with mom to watch TV, I opted to do so.  In between movies, I took my mom to the gym to go swimming, ran into Wal-Mart for movies and Gaterade, picked my daughter up from school, and took my mom to the doctor.  Once I finish this post I am off to help my daughter finish up her homework and watch the rest of a show with her.  My hubby and son are watching a movie together...rare...but good!

My activity was not fabulous today...if I would have taken my walk I am sure I would already be to 100%.  However...I didn't so I am only to 69% and have earned 2pp.  The night is not yet over, so I will be able to earn a bit more.  My eats were kind of all over the place today...good moments and some not so good moments.  I have got to figure how to handle "change in plans" better as the days when plans change I tend to eat kind of willy nilly...and there are many days that plans change!  I would love to have some sort of schedule, but with my parents' appointments and being the only driver, and shopper, for my parents and kids it is hard to set anything in stone. 

Tomorrow we are having a serviceman come and reinstall our soft water tanks.  He should be here between 8am and 12pm.  I am hoping he comes, and finishes, before it gets to hot so I can take a walk.  My mom gets frazzled when people come or call so I need to be home to take care of it.

I will do my best to move as much as possible and eat well tomorrow.  I only have 3 more days until weigh in and I want to break the pattern of the scale going down one week and up the next.

 Days 150 & 151...+/-

Onto Day 152...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 149...

I was not feeling well much of the day...kind of tired, frustrated, and uninspired to do much.  My daughter and went to the library, Wal-Mart, and Sam's club.  Getting out of the house and moving made me feel a bit better.  My hubby got home before we did...when we got home and unloaded the groceries, I asked him about taking the truck and my bike...even though he wasn't feeling well, he put my trike on the trailer, my trailer on his truck, and was done by the time I was changed.  He is good to me...and I am good to him right back...:)

It was super windy, but I did it...I rode 6 miles in about 45 minutes, got my trike on and off of the trailer by myself and made it home in one piece.  By the time I got back, I was feeling tired, but in better spirits.  It was 5pm and my hubby was ready for dinner.  He didn't want me to have to cook so we decided on Carl's Jr.  Not the healthiest choice, but we don't eat out often and it was still my "untracking" weekend, so it was fine.  I had 1 onion ring, 3 waffle fries, 3/4 of a BBQ Memphis Burger (yum), and 2 small chicken tenders.  I also had a small Pupusa from the Mexican place in the same parking lot as Carl's Jr no longer sells Tortas and my hubby wanted them.  I was finally satisfied after dinner and got my second wind. 

My daughter and I got busy working on cleaning out our scrapbooking area.  We had a few piles...keep, trash, recycle, and donate.  We stopped around 10pm and even though we are not finished, we made a ton of progress!

After we finished I had 1/2 of a cinnamon tortilla from Vallarta, a few glasses of water, we watched TV and sorted through markers for awhile, and finally went to bed.

All in all, the weekend wasn't too bad.  Saturday eats were kind of out of control, but Sunday was much better as I was not in the kitchen half of the day eating just to eat.  Dinner could have been better choices, but I enjoyed the choices I made and don't feel like I need to eat that way everyday.

I did not make it to 100% on my ActiveLink on Saturday, but I did reach 86% and earn 3pp.  On Sunday I made it to 120% and earned 7pp.

Today my daughter and I are off to take my mom's friend to the doctor and then to try and find Harbor Freight to get my hubby's birthday presents...we have a full tank of gas just in case we get lost!  I am going to pack some snacks and we will probably have a late lunch out since we slept in and had a late breakfast.  I am taking my tracker and have given myself 10pp for the day to allow for some flexibility...we'll see how it all goes!

Onto Day 150...I can do this!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Days 148 & 149 & Weigh In...

I felt so good when I woke up in the morning that I even got up early enough to straighten my hair.  I walked to the meeting and was down exactly 2 pounds...woo hoo!  I was feeling so good about my weight loss, the meeting, and myself.  By the time I got home and found my mom was not having a very good day, my mood changed.  I found my self many times in the kitchen looking for comfort in a bite of this or that.  I tracked those bites, but they didn't make me feel better.  They did not change my environment, the atmosphere, or improve the mood in the house. 

I tried to distract myself with TV, scrapbooking, and even crocheting.  Nothing helped.  My husband ended up working a 12 hour day instead of 8 hours so I couldn't use his truck to take my bike to the bike trail.  I didn't eat too much at dinner, and I didn't eat any extra when I fixed my husband dinner around 8pm. 

This morning my daughter and I took my daughter to church.  My daughter didn't want to go...not because it was church, but just because we get tired of "going" so much...going to the store, going to the doctor, going, going, going.  Sometimes it is nice not to have anywhere to go and just be home, but then again sometimes when we are home it is not pleasant either.

When we got home from church we had lunch.  I am taking today off from tracking...I just need a day of no major thinking or responsibility.  We kind of had hodge podge, and then I went back to the kitchen for a little more of nothing exciting.  We tried scrapbooking and neither of us were inspired.  We tried watching TV and could not find anything interesting.  My daughter is in the living room playing with her legos, and I am here...still not inspired...feeling kind of ugh!

My husband had to work again today.  He rarely works on Sundays, but is happy for the overtime.  I am not sure if he will get home early enough so I can take the truck and ride my bike...we'll see!

Days 148 & 149...+/-

Onton Day 150... 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 147...

This morning I was only up 1/2 pound from yesterday so I am going to figure I really didn't go too nuts yesterday...success!

Today was busy...full of errands, housework, cooking, laundry, cooking, a few hours helping at my daughter's school, and even a little bit of scrapbooking.  I am going to make 2 8x8 baby scrapbooks...1 for my niece who is having a girl and the other for my best friend's sister who is having a boy.  My mom is sending my daughter and I to a Scrapbook Expo with a good friend as a "thank you" for all I do for her...:)  We are going on Saturday, Feb 2...I am so excited, as are my friend and daughter!  Today I realized my mother-in-law is supposed to come that weekend, but my hubby said he would ask her to come a different weekend instead so I could him!

I tracked all of my eats today except for about 10 mini tortilla chips, salsa, and about 1 tsp of the candy frosting from my mom's cake.  My daughter and her friend split the last piece and I just had a small taste and then put soap in the dish to deter me from going back for another decadent lick!

Not including my extras noted above, I am 2pp over my dailies.  I think I should be ok for tomorrow's weigh in.  Even though I didn't take a walk this morning, I have been moving all day.  I am almost to 100% and will for sure make it past before I go to bed.  I am going to get up extra early tomorrow so I can get a good walk in before my WW meeting. 

This week has not been 100% perfect, but has been much improved over many past weeks.  I have decided to go back to the gym...I know it will help with my fitness level, stress level, and hopefully weight loss will come as a bonus!  I am going to enroll once our tax refund comes.  I prepared our taxes this morning, but received a message stating the IRS is not accepting e-filed returns until Jan 30th.  I am going to check back in a week or so and with any luck, the date will move up...we'll see!

Day 147...Success!

Onto Day 148 to face the scale...

Days 144, 145, & 146...

So after Monday's "eat 1/2 the kitchen" episode, I quickly recovered Tuesday.  I am noticing that I am able to recover more quickly when I slip up and not just throw in the towel and waster the ENTIRE week!  Woo hoo!

I got right back to tracking on Tuesday, earned 2pp, only reached 78%, and went over my dailies by 8pp, but I tracked and I moved so although not a perfect day, definitely much improved over Monday and still a success!

Wednesday was perfectly on plan...activity and eats!

Thursday was my mom's birthday.  I took the kids to school, took my hubby's truck to get a nail out of the didn't puncture the inner tube so they didn't charge me...yeah...then went to the DMV to renew the registration only to realize it needed to be smogged.  Luckily I had it for the day because of the nail in the tire so I got the smog done as well.  I came back home and ate an early lunch...all was fine until I thought I could have just a little of a freshly baked roll and ended up having a little more and a little more until it was gone.  When I weighed a similar size one it came out to 14pp!!!!  Holy cow!  By this time my mom had left to go for a birthday lunch with her friend.  Instead of getting upset and doing more damage, I turned on some loud music and got moving.  I danced around while I was baking her birthday cake, arranged her birthday flowers, ironed a nice table cloth, set the table with the good china, and decorated the dining room.  She loves candy so I taped some mini chocolate candies to wooden skewers and stuck them in the flowers.  I also made her a mini candy flower arrangement that my daughter later embellished with fabric flowers from our scrapbooking stash...her additions were perfect and made the whole thing make much more sense than just the candy alone!

Dinner turned out well...we had baked chicken, mashed potatoes, light gravy, wedge salad, and the rolls from earlier in the day.  I had a very small piece of one end and it was just enough.  The cake was chocolate, made from scratch with made from almost scratch candy frosting.  I had a small piece and 1/2 serving of ice cream.  I was happy with my dinner eats and my mom had a great time!

Onto Day 147...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 141, 142, & 143...

I went back to WW on Saturday a few hours after weighing in to participate in their Open House Event.  I did the 5k, changed into the first size XL dress I bought, chatted with current and new members, gave my "short and sweet" success (thus far) story speech, listened to others, and had a really great day.  By the time I left...almost 4 hours later, I felt so inspired and ready to get the scale moving in the right direction again. 

Saturday and Sunday were perfect, On plan days.  I weighed and tracked every single bite and only used 17pp of my weeklies.  Yesterday I woke up ready to go.  I took my 3 mile was cold...36 degrees and super windy, but I did it!  I felt so good!  I got home and that feeling started to dissipate.  My mom was not feeling so well and we had to make an unplanned trip to the valley to take her sewing machine in for service which meant I wouldn't be able to help at my daughter's school.  It also meant we would have to get there and back in time to get my daughter from school.  The trip started off badly when I hit my head full force on the metal part of the car door.  It hurt so bad I was hurting from my forehead down to to behind my eyes.  After a few hours the pain finally went away.  Somehow we took the wrong freeway and trying to get back the other direction was a challenge because the freeway entrances we needed were closed for construction.  It seems, more often than not, I can't seem to do anything right the first time. 

We finally made it to our destination and back home in time to get my daughter.  It hit me, like it does many days, that my time is no longer my own.  With having to take care of my parents, all of their paperwork, banking, medicine, doctors, and driving, I always have somewhere I need to be.  I feel like my life is constantly in "hurry up and wait, and then get to the next stop without being late" mode.  By the time I got my daughter home from school I wasn't feeling well at all.  I had a small snack, and tracked it.  Then that switch flipped and I had a little of this and a little of that, and a little more.  I consumed the rest of my weeklies in one afternoon...on nothing exciting.  I was so mad at myself.

This morning I was up 2.5 pounds from, I did not consume an extra 10,000 calories and I did earn 7 activity pp, but too much is too much, and I know there was a lot of salt in what I ate.  This morning was super cold and I decided I would not walk.  I would rather do an exercise video, but I don't need the comments I would home I would get negative comments, and interruptions.  I wish I could change my environment, it would make a big difference in my weight loss journey.  I wish I had somewhere to be that was my own space that I could use to exercise, craft, sew, do paperwork, or just simply sit and do nothing.  At this moment I am in my room with the door closed...I hate being in my room...I hate closed reminds me of my childhood.

When we had our house we never closed the doors...except the bathroom of course.  I miss our home, our space, our freedom, our independence, and everything else it represented.

I am going to make better food choices today.  I want this too bad to let one bad day turn into two.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 140 & Weigh In...

Dinner was tasty and I stayed within my pp.  I earned 4pp for the day and reached 95%.  I knew the 100% light was blinking, but my husband was asleep so I didn't want to turn the computer on to see how close I was...lesson learned...if the light is what I can to make it solid!

I woke up this morning not really feeling my walk.  I have so much to do today I am going to get to 100% by moving as much as possible.  I WILL walk to tomorrow's meeting and I am going back at 11am to do an informal 5k around the shopping center as part of the WW Open House.  I am also going to speak about my weight loss journey thus far.  I found a few photos last night that I am going to print today.  Even though I am far from my goal, I can see progress since those photos were taken.

The scale was down another pound this morning...I have hope that it will go down even more by tomorrow morning!

Dinner was perfectly on plan...I even had 5pp left for the day.  I chose not to eat any more after dinner because I was not hungry.  Around 9:30pm I was physically hungry.  Maybe I should have eaten more throughout the day??  I drank a few glasses of water, had some string cheese, applesauce, and 1 rice cake.  After that I still had 2pp left for the day but I was satisfied.  I don't usually eat after dinner and very rarely late at night. 

Even though it was only 32 degrees this morning, I parked a ways away and walked to the meeting.  I was up 1.4.  Last week I was down 1.2.  The beginning of this week was challenging and I did not get alot of activity.  I was super good with my eats W ~ F, but it wasn't enough.  I need to be "On Plan"

Today at 11am I am going back to WW to walk a 5k and to speak as a success story.  I do not see my self as much of a success or an inspiration, but if my story can help motivate even one person, it will be worth it.  I printed some old pictures...I have trouble seeing the difference, but I know I am much smaller than I was.  Going from size 3X to regular XL is smaller whether I feel it or not.  I know the weight I have gained back does not help how I feel about myself, but I am not giving up...I can't!

Hoping to get some inspiration of my own at the WW event...if nothing else I will get in a good walk!

Day 141...Will be and activity!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 139...

Yesterday ended well...I stayed within my daily pp, tracked everything, and earned 6pp reaching 113% on my ActiveLink.

Today has been good with eats but not so active.  I started the day with a 20-25 minute walk before I had to take my mom to physical therapy.  Tomorrow I am going to to do my regular 3 mile loop if it is not raining.  I have had the urge to eat several times throughout the day, but have not given in.  I made homemade super thin crust pizza for lunch using the leftover dough and toppings from last night's dinner.  While it was cooking I ate a salad full of good veggies and topped with a bit of yogurt ranch...I also had some corn and fruit since I was feeling "eaty".  By the time the pizza was ready I was not feeling so "eaty" so I had my pointed out amount and was good.  In the afternoon I had some fresh blueberries with some blueberry yogurt and I'm feeling pretty good about my eats for the day. 

Dinner is going to be salmon, talapia, cauliflower, and cheese sauce.  I was going to cook rice, but I decided not to and hope no one complains. 

It is 4:30pm and I have only earned 60% and have not earned any activity pp.  Not sure if I will make it to 100%, but I will make sure I end the day within my daily pp food wise.

I was down 1.5 pounds this morning from yesterday...I have 2.5 more to go to break even for Saturday's weigh in...we'll see!

Day 139...+/-

Onto Day 140...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Days 133 ~ 138...

These past few days have been a hodge podge of feeling good and not so good, eating good and not so good, not much activity...and an overall feeling of ugh!

I am tired...physically and emotionally.  I am tired of worrying about money.  I am tired of my parents not seeming to be happy with much.  I am tired of not having enough space.  I am tired of not having time to work and earn my own money.  I am tired of living in a house with someone else's rules.  I am tired of all the little things that make me nuts  I am tired of being tired.

With that said, I am also thankful for many things.  I am thankful for my great kids and husband.  I am thankful my parents are alive.  I am thankful I have the ability to help them get where they need to go, pay their bills, do the grocery shopping, take care of insurance and tax issues, etc.  I am thankful we have a roof over our heads...heat, water, and electricity.  I am thankful my parents' health insurance is inexpensive and offers amazing coverage.  I am thankful my husband, kids, and I have health insurance.

Last Thursday and Friday my eats were not bad.  By Saturday morning I was down 2 1/2 pounds for the week.  I parked away from the meeting and walked...when I got there the line was long.  I opted to keep walking instead of waiting.  By the time I got back to the meeting, the line was even longer.  We were offered the opportunity to join the meeting and weigh in after.  About 5 minutes before the meeting ended, I realized that I had drank almost all of my water while chatting and during the meeting.  My heart sank...I got up to weigh in and was down 1.2 pounds.  I was happy for a loss but a little disappointed since I expected it to be at least one more more.  Oh well.

My weekend was full of eating and lacked exercise.  Monday and Tuesday were similar...except we ate dinner really late both nights and I kind of went super nuts because I waited too long to eat.  Today has been better,  I went for a quick 23 minute walk this morning before I had to take my dad to the doctor.  Once we got home my daughter and I went to Urgent Care to get my eye has been red for 3 days and now hurts.  The doctor said I have a "cold" in my eye and told me to get some OTC eye drops.  $ 55 later I have used them once so far and my eye still hurts...I should probably just close them and take a nap!

After Urgent Care my daughter and I ran a few errands.  We went to El Pollo Loco for lunch...I had a Chicken Salad with Salsa instead of Creamy Cilantro Dressing and I added a small side of Pinto Beans for some extra protein and fiber.  Lunch was really good and satisfying.

When we got home I made some homemade pizza dough for dinner.  I weighed and pointed out my toppings so when it comes time to make dinner I can do it quickly. 

I really want to lose weight.  I want 2013 to be MY year!  I want to go back to the gym and take group classes that make me sweat like a gym rat and feel amazing because I can do things I never knew I could.  I want to reach my weight loss goals.

Even though this year has not gotten off to the best start, I am not going to waste the rest of the year crying about it.  As of this morning I was up 4 pounds from Saturday...I am going to do all I can can to lose those 4 pounds and either maintain or have a small loss by Saturday. 

I was asked to speak at this week's WW Open House.  I don't feel very inspirational, but I should.  I have lost alot of weight...not all I need to lose, but alot.  I have created and stuck to many good habits.  I did alot better throughout a really shitty year than I might have if I would have given up completely.  I may not be a complete success story, but I sure have the ability to be!

Days 133 ~ 137...Not so Successful...

Day 138...Much Improved!

Onto Day 139...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Days 130 ~ 132...Not quite as planned...

This week has not quite gone as I thought it would.  My hubby went back to work yesterday after a long holiday break, the kids are still off from school until the 14th, and Aunt Flo showed up to top it all off!  I have been so busy I wasn't even paying attention that it would be her time to visit...hoping to maintain at weigh in this Saturday...I have the past two or three months during this week so there is hope. 

My mom wanted a special New Years' dinner and dessert, so I made a beef roast in the oven, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, and homemade rolls.  The beef and rolls were both made using new recipes that didn't quite work out.  The beef was a little undercooked so I cut it up and finished it in a frying pan.  The rolls did not rise well and although tasty, they were very heavy and dense.  Dessert however was fabulous!  I made 1/2 batch of a chocolate cake from scratch and then used the last of the Hot Chocolate 3 Musketeers candies, 1 tbs of yogurt butter, and some chocolate chips to make a gooey, fudgy, chocolaty topping.  Both the cake and topping were soooo good! Since I made 1/2 batch, I used a glass pie plate.  I had 1 slice, plus two spoonfuls, my dad had 1 slice, my mom had 1 slice, my daughter had 1 slice plus 1 spoonful, and my son had 1 slice, then another, then he and my mom finished it off!  It was really tasty and fun how most of it was eaten straight out of the dish...little portion control, but worth the memory!  My daughter and I took a chilly and hilly walk to the park...I earned 8pp for the day!

Yesterday my daughter's friend came over to play and my mom needed some help sewing so I spent much of the day trying to relax, watch a bit of TV, tend to the girls, and help my mom.  Kind of a frustrating eaty kind of day in spurts and I only earned 1pp and reached 67%.

Today was better than yesterday...after some errands in the morning, my daughter's friend came over again.  They had the best time playing in the tree house.  They also did some crafting, a bit of Just Dancing, and had a picnic dinner on a towel on the living room floor.  I made spaghetti, homemade rolls, and sugar cookies.  Everything turned out really well, especially the rolls...I used a new, different recipe!  They were light and fluffy, and I got alot more out of the recipe than it stated...luckily my husband and son polished them off so I didn't have to think about eating anymore than the 1 1/2 I did.  The whole batch was worth 59pp, but I got 17 huge rolls out of it!

While the girls were playing, I got all of Christmas put away and my son and I got the Christmas tree out of the living room and to the curb to be picked up tomorrow.  We raked the needles off the carpet, swept the floors a few times, and then vacuumed a few times.  I think we are finally pine needle free!

I have earned 5pp today and might be able to get 1 or 2 more before the end of the night.

Today's eats were better than this point I am striving for improvement, not perfection!

Day 132...Success!

Onto Day 133...