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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Days 66 & 67...Ugh...

Yesterday was busy per usual.  I reached 137% and earned 8pp for the day! 

I did my normal 3 mile walk and was feeling pretty good.  I had my meals and snacks planned for the day and I did well until dinner time.  I was tired and frustrated and not mindful of what I was eating.

There are so many emotions, or states of being, that I have managed to link / relate to food over the years...


~ Bored...Still struggle a bit.
~ Lonely...conquered.
~ Angry...conquered.
~ Sad...conquered.
~ Tired...Super Struggle!
~ Frustrated...Super Struggle!
~ Happy...conquered.
~ Nuts when plans change...especially when it is at the last minute and everyone forgets I have 500   
   other things to do and must plan ahead!  There is 1 of me and 5 of them and they often forget!

I am sure there are many more that I cannot think of at the moment.  I have definitely moved past a few of these since I have been a WW, but I still struggle with many.

This morning I took my car to the dealer for maintanance.  My husband took the day off to do yard work.  Oringally he was going to follow me and bring me back home, then I was going to take the shuttle home, then I decided to go early and walk while they worked on my car, right after I dropped the kids off at school. 

When I got there I found out my car would take most of the day so I decided to walk home.  It was just over 6.5 miles and took me about 2 hours.  I could not believe that I was actually doing it.  I have walked 6 miles before, but it was 3 miles out and 3 miles back.  There is something very different, for me, walking such a distance in one direction...especially since I would never have thought to just "walk home" from the dealer before.  The service clerk offered me a shittle ride about 10 times not understanding why or how I could walk so far.  The last 1/4 mile is up hill and I was dreading it.  I am not sure why because I walk up quite a few hills on my 3 mile walk each day...maybe because this was the hill I have struggled, and hated, walking up since I was a child...who knows?!?!  When I came walking around the corner my husband asked where the car was...when I told him I had walked home, he could hardly believe it.  I was so proud of myself and ready to conquer the day.

I proceeded to help my hubby finish up the yard work and then we went to a Mexican restaurant  for lunch.  I had planned to order chicken and shrimp fajitas without rice, beans, or tortillas.  I did fine with the tortillas but didn't even think about the rice and beans until I was 1/2 way done eating them...sometimes I think I am so tired I am on auto pilot!  One time I asked for my meal without the rice and beans, one time I asked them to bring them to the table in a to go box, and one time they sat on the table the whole time and I didn't touch them...I did end up bringing them home to my son.  Sometimes when it comes to food, for me, I think out of sight ~ out of mind is my best bet.

What was done was done...lucnh was eaten how it was and there was no going back.  I planned to make dinner better.  We picked my daughter up at school, I did more laundry, picked my son up from school, went to the dealer to get my car, went to Best Buy to buy my dad a new TV, came home...made dinner, and did the dishes.  We had breakfast for dinner which I did not go too overboard with although I did eat some while I was cooking.  My daughter and I made a caramel apple like dessert which was so fun to make and super tasty to eat.  We split the whole "recipe" into 5 servings so that was good too.  All in all my choices were not too crazy, but they could have been better...and every little bit throughout the day does add up.

The day is not quite over and I have already earned 11pp and reached 164%!  I am for sure done eating even though I still have to make my husband's dinner.  I know when I will struggle and when I won't and I know tonight I won't.

Days 66 & 67...Food...ugh...Exercise...Que Bueno!

Onto Day 68...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 65...

I'm not sure why, but I did not sleep well at all last night.  This morning we had a very small, and quick, earthquake. 

While my mom was at church, my daughter and I cut and started sewing a quilt for her Christmas present.  I cut and ironed while my daughter sewed...she can sew very straight seems for an 8 year old!  We got all of the pieces in each row together.  Next week we will sew the rows together and put the top with the batting and backing.  It will probably take us 3 Sunday mornings total to finish.  It will be nice to have something finished early.  We are also going to make her a pretty bird and birdhouse puzzle and frame it.  Both should make for a nice surpise for her.

Today has been full of picking up around the house, cleaning, laundry, and a trip to Sams Club and the grocery.  I finally bought Halloween candy for Trick or Treaters.  I put it all in a fabric grocery bag, zipped up the bag, and put it away.  I have not decided if I will have any candy on Halloween, or after, but if  I choose to I will make sure I have enough pp...I want the scale to move down again this week...losing 2.4 would be nice to bring me to 70 pounds lost, but I will take any loss and be happy with it!

I am so tired I would love to just sit with my feet up and watch TV, but I have too many things left to do.  Hopefully I'll get a chance before the end of the day since it is only 2pm.

I did not take a walk this morning because my husband wasn't home to be with the kids.  I have reached 50% so far and should be able to reach 100%.  Yesterday I earned 12pp and made it to 173%!

I am going to make up some new recipes this week...if they turn out I will share.

Day 65...Success thus far.

Onto Day 66...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 64...Weigh In...

I was down .6 today...not much, but any kind of loss is better than a gain!  Considering what the scale was telling me all week, I am thankful for such a loss. 

Today was super busy!  I walked 70 minutes (approx 4 miles) total before and after my WW meeting, took my daughter to the pumpkin patch, picked up parts for my hubby, ran a bazillion errands, and got tons done at home.  I was mindful of everything I ate and enjoyed a few small treats including a mini chocolate chip cookie with a mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cup in the middle...I am going to make these for our holiday goodie gifts for sure!  I had 1 1/2 and savored every bit of it!

They were selling snow cones at the pumpkin patch but the machine was broken.  I took my daughter to 7-11 for a small Slurpee instead.  I was going to have one as well (pp counted of course).  I really like the cherry flavor and rarely get one.  Cherry was out and I almost settled for Coke flavor, but decided if cherry was what I really wanted Coke would not satisfy me.  I opted to fill my water bottle with ice and we were on our way...woo hoo! 

I used 16 of my weeklies, tracked everything, and have earned activity 11pp for the day.  It is just after 8pm and I am ready to collapse.  I am off to watch iCarly with my daughter and read my WW weekly.

Day 64...Super Success!

Onto Day 65...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 63...

Last night's Harvest Festival was good.  My daughter and I helped in her grade's booth more than I planned, but we both had fun and she still got to play alot of games.  The festival was run by a different group this year and there were a few changes.  My daughter and I did have some fruit and lunchmeat before we left, but I did save 13pp for some goodies.  Sadly, there were not many goodies.  There was no bake sale, freshly popped popcorn, fresh cotton candy, or caramel apples (which I made 200 of last year and was told they didn't want to do them this year because of the popcorn fundraiser).  Yes...all of those things are food related, but they are fun and I actually allowed for some within my daily pp.  Oh well.  Maybe next year I will have to be on the festival committee to suggest some changes regarding the "goodies", lighting, and masking off of game areas so kids and parents are not walking through them.

My daughter's grade's booth was cute..."Ring Around the Witch Hat".  The idea was to throw a hula hoop "around" a black cone that was decorated as a witch hat.  Each child got three tries and we decided everyone would get a treat whether they did it right or not.  I am all about having fun and the kids did have a ton of fun.  The last 30 minutes of the festival was really fun for them as we still had a ton of candy and treats...everyone who played got two handfuls...I am glad there were many pencils, tattoos, and such, and not just candy.  I got in a ton of activity squating down 500 times to pick up the hula hoops.

Mid way through we decided to take a "dinner" break.  On the menu ~ Pizza, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Frito Chili Bowls, and Bagged Popcorn.  We opted to share a Hot Dog & Nachos...both were small which was good for pp purposes.  My daughter won in the cake walk so she picked a pack of 2 cookies and we had those with dinner.  All in all I came home with 6pp to spare.  We were hungry by that time so we shared a plum, and I had 1/2 of a grilled cheese sandwich...and 1" of a strawberry Laffy Taffy.

I went to bed feeling good about my and activity.  I woke up this morning and the scale had gone down only 1/2 pound from yesterday?!?!  I just don't understand.  Oh well...not to give up.

Last night my dad decided he is not going to get his teeth extracted, he was mean and nasty and yelling...I am going to cancel the appointment and hope the infection does not spread.

My daugther and I are going to take my mom to lunch today after the will be good for her to get a break.  We are going to Claim Jumper and I will check out the menu online first so I can stay within my pp for the day.  Dinner will be $ 1 pastor (pork) tacos and corn on the cob.  The tacos are mini and come with 2 tortillas...I separate each taco into two.  My pp options are 2 tacos for 3 pp, 4 tacos for 6pp, or 6 tacos for 9pp.  I'll decide how many to have depending on my hunger level...after I eat my corn.

Today will be a good day...

* I didn't go for my walk this morning, but will tomorrow.  I didn't want to have to rush this morning since my daughter is home and we have to leave to take my mom.  I have tons of stuff to do at home so I will be sure to reach 100% one way or another!

Onto Day 64 & weigh in...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 62...50 miles!

Today's 3 mile walk put me just over 50 miles for the month of October!  I can hardly belive it... especially since the month is not quite over.  Out of 19 weekdays, I have walked 15 of them.  On the days I didn't walk I thought I needed a break, but regreted not doing it anyway.  I need, and enjoy, my morning walks to breath in some fresh, cool air and be all my myself with no negativity or distractions. 

Right when I walked in the door, the goodness of my walk was out the window.  I had to take my dad to the dentist, for the first time in well over 30 years, and my mom was really nervous about it.  He is 82, smokes a pipe all day long, does not eat a well balanced diet, and does not take care of his teeth.  His reason for going was to get a sharp one "buffed out".  For $ 214 we got x-rays, an exam, and the one tooth "buffed".  We also received a referral to go to an oral surgeon to get 10 teeth extracted for $ 3000.  We have a consultation with the surgeon tomorrow.  My dad doesn't want anything else done.  He should have the recommended teeth extracted because there is infection and decay.  I would rather not spend the money since we don't really have it, but sometimes you 've gotta do what you've gotta do!  We'll see what his thoughts are by the end of the day.  If he refuses to go I am not going to take him kicking and screaming. 

I feel bad for my daughter because she has the day off of school tomorrow and we have to take my mom to the chiro and now my dad to the oral surgeon.  Thankfully she is a trooper and I try my best to do as many special things as possibly to offset some of the nonsense we live through.

Tonight is my daughter's Harvest Festival at school...she is SO excited!  Since we won't be home for dinner, I am going to make sub sandwiches for my mom, dad, husband, and son...they will keep until everyone is ready to eat.  Because I was short on time this morning I bought some deli potato and macaroni salad and some fresh strawberries.  I doubt my daughter and I will be ready to eat before we leave so I am going to take a few healthy snacks and we might share a hot dog, nachos, or a piece of pizza.  I have plenty of pp left for the day so I should be able to work it out.

I was so frustrated with the scale this morning.  I have thought many times about not weighing myself everyday, but I since I started WW last year I always have.  My body and the scale have had a "routine" for all this time usually as follows...Sun or Mon up a bit from the weekend...Mon or Tues it stays the same or goes down a bit, and by Wed it goes down, again Thursday, sometimes Friday, and then again Sat.  That would be for a week where I used my weeklies one the weekend and stayed within my dailies Mon - Fri.  This week I went over a bit on Monday, but Tuesday, Wednesday, and today I have been on track.  I have also earned a ton of activity each day.  As of today I am up 3 pounds from last week's weigh in...technically I should be closer to that weight by now working toward a loss for the week.  My TOM just ended, and have I eaten a few cans of soup this week.  Those seem to be the only 2 "off" things I could find going back over my week.  I hope they are the cause and the scale will move tomorrow.  I am not going to let the scale determine my days.  Whether it is up or down, I am still going to make every effort to have a "good eats" day.  Exercise is still good, consistent, and plentiful, therefore I must make some changes to my diet to get things going in the right direction.

I am almost to 90% on my ActiveLink and it is only 2pm.  I know I can, and will, make good choices tonight and end the day off right!

Yesterday I went through all of my weigh ins...I did so well last year.  When my mom joined I had trouble, but got through it.  Then Christmas came and food / sweets got the best of me.  This year I have a plan...I am going to eat things I really like. I am only going to eat of bit of this and that rather than tons of this and that.  This year has brought alot of major happenings and dad's stroke, my mom not driving, extra doctor visits for them both, and even greater responsibility and worry for me.  I get frustrated by my 5 siblings lack of involvement and concern, but have decided I just have carry on and take care of things myself.  I am going to back to tracking 100% of the time.  I did it before...through many special occasions and holidays.  The weekends will no longer throw off my weeks.  I am tired of watching the scale go up and down the same numbers over and over.

I want to lose weight.  I will lose weight.  I do not want to wait to lose weight.  There will probably never be a "good time" for me to lose weight.  I can do it now, regardless of how difficult my situation is.  I can do this.  I deserve it.  I can't change my situation so I must change myself!

Day 62...Activity...Success...Eats...will be successful by the day's end!

Onto Day 63...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 61...So far, so good...

Today started off with a 3 mile walk.  When I got home it was time to take my mom to her exercise class.  While she was there I went to a few stores and took a good walk between two of them.  By the time we got home it was time for lunch.  I made a small sandwich to share with my mom as well as a can of soup that I added sauteed carrots, zucchini, and some leftover peas to.  I finished off lunch with a yogurt and a mini bag of pretzels.

After lunch I went to my daughter's school to help her teacher.  Once school was out we were off to find some make up brushes for my daugter's Halloween face paint.  We picked up my son, had a snack, did some homework, and now we are going to help my hubby put up Halloween decoratons outside.

I have already earned 7pp fot the day and still have plenty to do before bed.  I have done well with my eats and gotten in plenty of fruits and veggies.  I have dinner pp planned out and should be fine.

Day 61...Success!

Onto Day 62...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 60...Better Eats...

Today was better than yesterday in the food department.  On my 3+ mile walk this morning, I was really trying to find perspective regarding my current situation of taking care of my parents, trying to take care of my husband and kids, trying to fit myself somewhere in the mix, not having my own home / space, and feeling tired and frustrated much of the time.

Last year many of my current struggles exisited, but there weren't quite as many and I had school to focus many of my thoughts on.  I really want to see the scale move down on a weekly basis.  I know that eating is my worst trouble.  I have exercise down.  I earned 10pp and have reached over 150% so far today...almost effortlessly.  I need to continue with my activity efforts and work even harder on my food choices.  I am determined to lose weight and stop losing and gaining the same pounds over again.

Day 60...Success...

Onto Day 61...Looking forward to making some good choices which will move me forward!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Days 57, 58, 59, and weigh in...

It has been a usy few days.  I was up exactly 2 pounds which I figured I would be...could have been much worse, but I worked hard and it paid off!

Saturday my hubby and I went out for Mexican food to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary.  I didn't overeat and brought leftovers home to my son.  We stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home and brought some back for my mom and daughter.

Sunday we decided to have a lazy, restful day.  We made a quick trip to the swapmeet to buy my dad watch bands and then surprised my daughter with a trip to the movies to see Hotel Transyvania...supr funny movie...good for kids and adults.  My 15 year old son passed...he would rather play his games with his friends which is fine with me...I would rather him be home where I know where he is and what he is doing.  We enjoyed some popcorn at the movies and I didn't go overboard there either.  We had a light late lunch when we got home and then decided on Panda Express for dinner.  I did well with that as well.  So all in all, even with an eaty weekend, I did pretty well!

Today I had planned a walk but my phone battery was dead and I need my music to walk.  I decided to try spin at the gym but after getting on 4 bad bikes I gave up.  It was probably for the best anyway since my arm and shoulder blade are still out of whack.  I opted for 22 minutes on the elliptical with the promise to myself that I would find some time to charge my phone and walk later in the day.

I got home from the gym, charged my phone, had a quick snack, watched a bit of TV, and then was off to the blood doctor.  I decided to park a ways away and walk part way there.  When I was done, I decided to walk from the Dr to the Chevy dealer to ask about some parts my husband needed.  The weather was perfect for walking and I got in a ton of activity.

I did well eaty throughout the early day until I took my son to the grocery and he opened a bag of Lays in the car...if only I could keep my mouth shut, I could be so much further along in my weight loss journey!  Some day I will get the hang of it!  I didn't go too over board before or during dinner, and I am glad I got in all of the activity I did today.  I'm hoping the scale is a bit forgiving tomorrow...we'll see.

Onto Day 60...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 55 & 56...Glad the week is almost over!

Yesterday was a super busy, and productive day!  It started off with a 6 mile walk!

After my just under two hour walk I took my mom to the doctor.  When we got home I whipped up a quick lunch of talapia & rice with tons of veggies.  Shredded carrots and zucchini sauteed together is my new favorite veggie combo!  In the last few days I have added it to chili, rice, and good and a super easy way to add extra veggies.

Yesterday was my 9th wedding anniversary.  Since my husband works so much, we decided we would celebrate Saturday afternoon after he gets off of work.  We are going to a Mexican Restaraunt that have been wanting to try for a long time.  Their menu looks amazing, they have a bazillion different types of fish, and I even found a $ 15 coupon on!  I am not sure what else we will do...maybe the movies...maybe ???

When I got in the car to take the kids to school, I found a card from my hubby on the dash...made my morning for sure!  When he got home, he brought me flowers and a punch for scrapbooking...I was in shock and excited over the card in the morning, and totally in shock in the is the little things that make me diva or diamonds here!

My 15 year old son and I had to go to a meeting at his school about college prep.  On the way home, we searched store after store and finally found my husband's anniversary gift...a "creeper" to use when he is working on his truck.

He was already asleep by the time we got home at 9pm so I was able to wrap it and put it in the living room for him to find in the morning.  I got up when he did this morning and was waiting in the living room while he made his coffee.  When he saw the wrapped box, it was dark except for the light from the TV, he picked it up and put it on the table not realizing it was for him.  I gave him a few looks and he figured it out.  He liked it and I hope it will be a good one, there are too many to choose from with a huge range in cost.

By the end of the day I was beyond exhausted.  I earned 13pp and reached 192% for the day!

I did not sleep well last arm / elbow pain is now concentrated in my shoulder blade.  It feels like two bones are stuck and pushing on each other.  I have been in pain for months between my foot and my arm...I can not imagine how it must be for people who live with cronic pain.  I am sure, and thankful, that my pain will be gone soon but for now it is just awful.  I decided to make today a rest day since I have been going pretty strong for weeks. 

I did take my mom to the doctor today and helped in my daughter's school.  It is 4pm and I have only made it to 50% on my ActiveLink...I still have tons to do before the day is over.  If I make it to 100% - good...if not - so be it.  I am glad the WW week is over.

** Non-scale daughter and I usually share a snack after's snack was popcorn.  I decided I wasn't really hungry so I passed...yeah me!

I don't know what the scale is going to do tomorrow...being too tired, in pain, and being my TOM, even with all of my exercise and better eats the past few days I am not sure if it will be enough.  I would be thrilled with a loss, content with maintaining, and if I gain I just hope it is not too much.

Kinda of a +/- week...glad it is over!

Onto Day 57...weigh in & a fresh start!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Days 52, 52, 53, & 54...

It has been a long week and it is barely half over.  I am so tired...all the time!  I feel like I go to bed tired and wake up tired everyday.  Our house is not a relaxing environment...even during the night!  My daughter, husband, and mom can go to sleep at a moment's notice.  My son and I take longer.  Once he is asleep, he is out.  Once I am asleep, I can be woken up by just about dad turning on and off the hall lights, him shuffling down the hall, his talking to me "while I am sleeping" and waking me up.  Some nights these things are happening until 12 or 1am.  The first alarm goes off at 4 or 5am...I wake up enough to tell my husband he has a half hour to sleep.  Then a half hour later, I wake up enough to wake him up and make sure he gets up.  About an hour later, I get up, wake my kids up for the first time, take a shower, wake them up for the second time, get ready, make breakfast and my daughter's lunch, and we are off. 

After I drop the kids off at school I take my walk.  I listen to music on my phone and step to the beat of each walk (outside) is about the only uninterrupted time I have to myself each day.  Once I get home and have a small snack, it is time to take my mom where ever she needs to go.  I don't enjoy being in the car and running so many errands, but I don't want to her to have to take a shuttle either. 

Most days I just take care of everything and carry on...some days all of my responsibilities overwhelm me.  On those days I usually struggle the most with my food choices.  Since I take a walk (3-5 miles) everyday, it is usually easy for me to reach or exceed 100% on my ActiveLink...I just need to figure out how to eat less, or different foods, be content, and not want to eat more.  Someday I will discover the secret...until then I will carry on the best I can.

Days 52 ~ 54 +/-...

Onto Day 55...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 49 & Day 50 & Weigh In...

Yesterday was good...I dropped the kids off at school, went for my 3 mile walk, and then helped in my daughter's class for the rest of the day.  I ate well, earned 8pp, and reached 145%.

Weigh in...the exact same as last week.  Not excited that I didn't lose, but excited that I didn't gain and take a step backward, considering when I do it is usually a HUGE leap backwards that takes weeks to reverse!  My eats were a bit willy nilly this week and my body is probably in shock by how much activity I am doing now that my foot is healed.  I walked 16.50 intentional miles this week...woo hoo! 

I did park a ways away from the meeting this morning and walked there and was a chilly 50 degrees...perfect walking weather!

After the meeting, I was ready to have a stellar eating day.  I came home, made a great veggie filled egg dish, and then kinda went nuts eating this, that, and the other...nothing really even exciting!  I tracked it all and have used just about all of my weeklies.  My husband decided to go out to dinner tonight for Mexican food.  Since I wasn't super hungry, I only had a few chips with salsa.  I also had a small cup of chicken tortilla soup, iced tea, 1/2 each of a beef and chicken flauta with sour cream and guacamole, and 1/2 chicken tender.  My fried choices are not the best, but they were tasty, I didn't eat very much of them, and I was able to stop before I was stuffed.  My eats throughout the day probably helped me at dinner.

I was so tired today...I think the week's chaos finally caught up to me.  I took a nap, went grocery shopping, and fiddled around the house.  Because I kind of took the day off today I have tons to do tomorrow...laundry, a trip to Sam's club, pick up around the house, write out the menu for the week, and make sure the kids are ready for school Monday.  Since I am still tired, and tomorrow will be overflowing with to do's, I am going to sleep in rather than waking up early to walk.  I think going forward, I will take Sunday mornings long as I can reach 100% for my activity for the day, I will be happy.

I have earned 3pp today and only reached 89%...I probably won't get much further than that before I go to bed, but I will still consider activity a success for the day.  Eats...not so much, but I did do well when we went out to dinner.  I am trying yo focus on the good and not dwell on the bad...

Tomorrow I will be busy and should be able to have a good eating day.  I plan to eat well Mon ~ Fri for sure and take a walk everyday.  I am going to give my arm one more week before I try spin class.

Day 50...Done...

Onto Day 51...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 48...

Today was a bit of a rough day because I felt physically hungry most of the day and just wanted to eat the rest of the day...however...I ate alot of fruits and veggies, tracked everything, and only went over my dailies by 2pp.

The weather was perfect for my walk this morning...chilly and cloudy.  In the afternoon as my kids were getting out of school it started to thunder, lightening, and pour...but we got home safe.

I have reached 143% and earned 8pp for the day...I still have some things to do before bed, so I will probably get to 150%.  I am so happy and thankful that my foot is feeling better and I can walk even if my arm is still not bueno.

Day 48...Success...

Only 1 more day until weigh in...even though my eats have been a bit willy nilly this week, I think I have worked hard enough on my acitivity to deserve a loss on the scale...even if it is goal is not to gain!

Onto Day 49...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 46...

Today started well with a 4.6 mile walk.  I did a bit of shopping at Wal-Mart, bought a banana and yogurt for a snack, and then bought a bottle of water at McDonald's (inside Wal-Mart) and sat for awhile and had my healthy snack.  It was so relaxing to sit there and look at e-mails and I really didn't want to go home so it worked out.

It amazes me how I can sit in McDonald's, smell the food cooking, order water, and not even think about buying something else to eat.  Once I get home however, I want to eat...nothing in particular most times...just eat something.  I know my home environment is not the best, but I make do as I can.  I miss the freedom of having my own house and even though I had stresses caused by work and commuting, I had somewhere to go at the end of a long day to unwind.  Sometimes in this house, the one I grew up in, I feel like I am trapped and need to get out!

Today I timed things well.  By the time I got home I had just enough time to unload groceries, change my clothes, and fill up my water bottle, and then I was off to take my mom to the dentist.  Early in the morning I had put butternut squash in the crock pot.  When we got home, I blended it but it had a strange taste...not sure what happened, but I didn't like it.  Oh well...can't win 'em all!

After we got back from the dentist, it was time to pick my daughter up from school.  For snack we had frozen absolute favorite sweet treat!  It was delicious and I had saved enough pp so I could enjoy it without worrying about having enough pp for dinner.

After our snack we went to Target to pick something up for my mom.  When we were done shopping we sat in the cafe and my daughter did her homework...from there we were off to pick up my son from school.

Sometimes I think all of the time in the car I spend running around takes more energy out of me than working a full time job!?!

It is 4pm and I have earned 8pp and reached 142%...I'm sure both of those numbers will increase by the end of the day.

I have done well eating today and "feel" like the rest of the day should go well too.  Some days I feel "eaty" not so much so I am taking advantage!

Day 46...

Onto Day 47...

Day 47...

My daughter woke up with a tummy ache this morning, but decided to tough it out and go to school.  About 1/4 mile from finishing my 3 mile walk this morning, the school called.  Luckily I was walking down hill and was able to speed walk to the car without tripping and rolling down the hill into traffic.

I picked her up from school, got her cozy in the car, dropped my son off at school, and took my mom to her exercise class.  My daughter sat in the car and I read to her while we waited.  Luckily it was perfect weather and cloudy.  After her class, we dropped my mom off at church for a luncheon.  My daughter and I came home and watched TV while she quietly played with Playdoh.

I am glad I took my walk this morning and was able to reach 100% fairly early in the day since the rest of the day did not include much activity.  I have yet to put away some laundry and make dinner so I know I will earn more before the day is done.

This afternoon was a bit eaty...not too out of control...but none the less eaty.  Probably won't have much for dinner.  Hoping my current "non hungry or wanting to eat" feeling lasts.

Day 47...Success!

Onto Day 48...


Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 45...Activity...Success...Food...Fail!

I don't know what is wrong with me some days!  I started the day off right with a good 3 mile walk.

I did well eating until my kids came home from school then I just wanted to eat everything.  I tracked it and went over my dailies.  I did eat a bit less for dinner, but I am still over for the day.

I will pick myself up and dust myself off with another good walk tomorrow morning and hopefully the peace of mind to make better food choices.

I earned 7pp today and reached 131%.

Tomorrow needs to be better in the food department.  Even if I maintain this week, I do not want to gain!

Day 45...Not so bueno...

Onto Day 46... 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 44...

I took the weekend of off counting pp this weekend.  I did write down what I was eating throughout the day, and I am going to consider I used all of my 49 weeklies.

Yesterday and today I got in a lot of good activity.  Yesterday I earned 5pp and reached 117%.  Today I have already earned 7pp and reached 138%...and the night is still not done even though it is already almost 9pm.

Today was a long, busy day.  I made breakfast for everyone, went to the swapmeet with my husband and son and walked around, then went shopping and to lunch with my daughter, then went shopping for flowers with my husband, daughter, and mom, then came home and planted flowers and a shade tree, then cooked dinner, then ate dinner, then cooked my husband's lunch, then did lunch, then did laundry.  Needless to say I am exhausted.  I have yet to take a quick shower, put away some more laundry, and read with my daughter.

With that said...Day 44...Success!

Onto Day 45 and a great on plan week!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 43...Weigh In...

Down 3.2 for a total loss of excited!  Now I just have to keep this momentum going!

So far I have earned 4pp and reached 104%.  I walked to the meeting this morning...the weather was perfect...chilly and breezy!

Went to a party for one of my daughter's friends...I ate a very little and skipped the cake...yeah me!

I have tracked every bite today and used quite a few of my weeklies. 

Tracking and activity are the keys and I am using them!

Day 43...Weigh In...Success!  Eats...Success!  Activity...Success!

Onto Day 44...

Day 42...

Today started at 6:15am...I could have slept in because my daughter is still on Fall Break and my son starts school later, but I was done.  I am not quite sure how to sleep so my arm doesn't hurt so the past few days it has been best just to get up and get the day started.

I talked to my son at 6:30am about waking up...he asked for more time...I went back at 6:45am...he asked to sleep until 7am.  I talked to him at 7am and told him he needed to get in the shower because I was not going to wake him up again.  I thought he got in the shower...apparently he did not because when I asked him if he was ready to go at 7:40am...he came flying out of his room in panic mode.  When I asked what he had been doing he replied with "sleeping".  He took a 30 second shower, got dressed, abd we were out the door.  He was on time but stressed out.  I am glad he doesn't like to be late for, or miss, school.  Both of my kids are the same and it lets me know they care about school!

After I dropped my son off at school I ent for another good, hilly, walk.  3 miles in about 50 minutes.  I felt so good when I was done.

It was a good eats day as well!

ActiveLink...9pp160%...Woo Hoo!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Days 40 & 41...

Two great WW a row!

Yesterday I reached 176% and earned 11pp...and I stayed within my dailies to boot!
*My highest % yet!

Today I have made it to 141% and earned 8pp and the day is not over.  I did use 3pp extra.

Yesterday morning I powered through a 3 mile hilly walk. 

Today my daughter and I powered through a 5 mile walk with only one hill.

Even though I have eaten some extra pp this week, I am hoping by Saturday morning I have done enough for the scale to show a loss.  I am not looking for big numbers, just lower numbers than last losing each week is my new goal regardless of how much.

Tomorrow will be another busy day.  I am going to take another good walk first thing in the morning, then I have to take my mom to the chiropractor, then I have to drive to the valley to pick up a prescription for my mom's friend.  I am planning on having lunch before I go to the valley so I don't need to eat out.  I will also pack a small snack (just in case) and plenty of water. 

I know tomorrow can be another successful day if I make it one!

Day 40...Success!

Day 41...Success!

Onto Day 42...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 39...Activity-Less...

Today was a frustrasting day.  My arm, shoulder, and neck are all out of shopping (not even major grocery shopping) almost put me over.

I want to exercise.  I want to move my body.  I want to release some horribly built up stress.

Tomorrow my son has school and my daughter doesn't.  If I can put my gym shoes on without pain, and it is not 80 degrees by 7am, I will go for a walk...all by my lonesome to clear my head.

Today was a super WW eating day.  I stayed within my daily pp and met all of my healthy guidelines.

Activity...not so bueno.  It is almost 7pm and I am only to 44%...I think this is probably the least I have ever moved in any given day.  My lack of movement wasn't even was frustrating.  I feel so antsy like I just need to get out of the house and DO something.

Hoping for a good walk tomorrow...we'll see come morning.  If it is too hot, but my feet don't hurt, I will go to the gym and utilize the treadmill even though I prefer to walk outside.

Day 38...Food...Success...Activity...Fail.  Hoping tomorrow both are successful!

Onto Day 39...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 38...Sand & Seaweed...

Last night I made it to 104% and earned 4pp on my ActiveLink.  I think doing all that laundry was not a good idea because my arm was killing me all night and half the morning.

My mom, kids, and I made it to the beach.  We have been to that particular beach many times over the years and I have never seen it look so bad!  There was so much seaweed on the beach and in the water, the waves were very small, and they brought more sand than water each time they came into shore.  My daughter and I walked / ran over to the other side of the rocks and there were big, beautiful waves and no sand in the water...much better.  I would have liked to move our stuff over to the other side but my mom could hardly handle the walk in the sand to the original spot we landed in.  I wish she could walk better, but I am glad she was able to go with us. 

My arm really hurt last night and this morning.  Once we were at the beach the pain was almost weird!  We have been home for hours and it is still pretty far!

I packed some healthy snacks and planned on stopping at Subway for lunch on the way to the beach.  Since my son is rarely with us and he really likes In-N-Out, I thought it would be nice to treat him.  My daughter does not like it so we stopped and got her some chili cheese fries.  I should have had the same, but for some dumb reason I too had In-N-Out.  I don't even like their food, but somehow end up eating it everytime we are there.  I did not finish my fries, but did eat my burger.  The iced tea wasn't even good to me...maybe it is in my head...who knows!?!? 

On our way home from the beach we stopped and got frozen yogurt...always good.  Since it was abour 4pm when we got home, we weren't really hungry for dinner so instead we had a bit of this and that...not a good idea after a trip to In-N-Out.

Tomorrow is a new day to make better choices.  I WILL write myself a note to remind me that I do not need to eat food I don't like.  Sometimes I am just tired of the good days, bad days, good days roller coaster that I seem to ride more than not when it comes to food.  I will not give up and will continue to carry on...even through the bad days that seem to overflow with bad decisions.

Even though both kids have off tomorrow, I am going to get up early and try to put my gym shoes on and go for a good walk before the sun gets its heat on.  Today was about 85 at the beach and 105 at home.  Both too hot for me...

So far today I have earned 1pp and reached 79%...not sure how close I will get to 100%...

Day 37...Activity...Success...Food...Fail!