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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Days 52, 52, 53, & 54...

It has been a long week and it is barely half over.  I am so tired...all the time!  I feel like I go to bed tired and wake up tired everyday.  Our house is not a relaxing environment...even during the night!  My daughter, husband, and mom can go to sleep at a moment's notice.  My son and I take longer.  Once he is asleep, he is out.  Once I am asleep, I can be woken up by just about dad turning on and off the hall lights, him shuffling down the hall, his talking to me "while I am sleeping" and waking me up.  Some nights these things are happening until 12 or 1am.  The first alarm goes off at 4 or 5am...I wake up enough to tell my husband he has a half hour to sleep.  Then a half hour later, I wake up enough to wake him up and make sure he gets up.  About an hour later, I get up, wake my kids up for the first time, take a shower, wake them up for the second time, get ready, make breakfast and my daughter's lunch, and we are off. 

After I drop the kids off at school I take my walk.  I listen to music on my phone and step to the beat of each walk (outside) is about the only uninterrupted time I have to myself each day.  Once I get home and have a small snack, it is time to take my mom where ever she needs to go.  I don't enjoy being in the car and running so many errands, but I don't want to her to have to take a shuttle either. 

Most days I just take care of everything and carry on...some days all of my responsibilities overwhelm me.  On those days I usually struggle the most with my food choices.  Since I take a walk (3-5 miles) everyday, it is usually easy for me to reach or exceed 100% on my ActiveLink...I just need to figure out how to eat less, or different foods, be content, and not want to eat more.  Someday I will discover the secret...until then I will carry on the best I can.

Days 52 ~ 54 +/-...

Onto Day 55...

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