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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 48...

Today was a bit of a rough day because I felt physically hungry most of the day and just wanted to eat the rest of the day...however...I ate alot of fruits and veggies, tracked everything, and only went over my dailies by 2pp.

The weather was perfect for my walk this morning...chilly and cloudy.  In the afternoon as my kids were getting out of school it started to thunder, lightening, and pour...but we got home safe.

I have reached 143% and earned 8pp for the day...I still have some things to do before bed, so I will probably get to 150%.  I am so happy and thankful that my foot is feeling better and I can walk even if my arm is still not bueno.

Day 48...Success...

Only 1 more day until weigh in...even though my eats have been a bit willy nilly this week, I think I have worked hard enough on my acitivity to deserve a loss on the scale...even if it is goal is not to gain!

Onto Day 49...

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