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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 62...50 miles!

Today's 3 mile walk put me just over 50 miles for the month of October!  I can hardly belive it... especially since the month is not quite over.  Out of 19 weekdays, I have walked 15 of them.  On the days I didn't walk I thought I needed a break, but regreted not doing it anyway.  I need, and enjoy, my morning walks to breath in some fresh, cool air and be all my myself with no negativity or distractions. 

Right when I walked in the door, the goodness of my walk was out the window.  I had to take my dad to the dentist, for the first time in well over 30 years, and my mom was really nervous about it.  He is 82, smokes a pipe all day long, does not eat a well balanced diet, and does not take care of his teeth.  His reason for going was to get a sharp one "buffed out".  For $ 214 we got x-rays, an exam, and the one tooth "buffed".  We also received a referral to go to an oral surgeon to get 10 teeth extracted for $ 3000.  We have a consultation with the surgeon tomorrow.  My dad doesn't want anything else done.  He should have the recommended teeth extracted because there is infection and decay.  I would rather not spend the money since we don't really have it, but sometimes you 've gotta do what you've gotta do!  We'll see what his thoughts are by the end of the day.  If he refuses to go I am not going to take him kicking and screaming. 

I feel bad for my daughter because she has the day off of school tomorrow and we have to take my mom to the chiro and now my dad to the oral surgeon.  Thankfully she is a trooper and I try my best to do as many special things as possibly to offset some of the nonsense we live through.

Tonight is my daughter's Harvest Festival at school...she is SO excited!  Since we won't be home for dinner, I am going to make sub sandwiches for my mom, dad, husband, and son...they will keep until everyone is ready to eat.  Because I was short on time this morning I bought some deli potato and macaroni salad and some fresh strawberries.  I doubt my daughter and I will be ready to eat before we leave so I am going to take a few healthy snacks and we might share a hot dog, nachos, or a piece of pizza.  I have plenty of pp left for the day so I should be able to work it out.

I was so frustrated with the scale this morning.  I have thought many times about not weighing myself everyday, but I since I started WW last year I always have.  My body and the scale have had a "routine" for all this time usually as follows...Sun or Mon up a bit from the weekend...Mon or Tues it stays the same or goes down a bit, and by Wed it goes down, again Thursday, sometimes Friday, and then again Sat.  That would be for a week where I used my weeklies one the weekend and stayed within my dailies Mon - Fri.  This week I went over a bit on Monday, but Tuesday, Wednesday, and today I have been on track.  I have also earned a ton of activity each day.  As of today I am up 3 pounds from last week's weigh in...technically I should be closer to that weight by now working toward a loss for the week.  My TOM just ended, and have I eaten a few cans of soup this week.  Those seem to be the only 2 "off" things I could find going back over my week.  I hope they are the cause and the scale will move tomorrow.  I am not going to let the scale determine my days.  Whether it is up or down, I am still going to make every effort to have a "good eats" day.  Exercise is still good, consistent, and plentiful, therefore I must make some changes to my diet to get things going in the right direction.

I am almost to 90% on my ActiveLink and it is only 2pm.  I know I can, and will, make good choices tonight and end the day off right!

Yesterday I went through all of my weigh ins...I did so well last year.  When my mom joined I had trouble, but got through it.  Then Christmas came and food / sweets got the best of me.  This year I have a plan...I am going to eat things I really like. I am only going to eat of bit of this and that rather than tons of this and that.  This year has brought alot of major happenings and dad's stroke, my mom not driving, extra doctor visits for them both, and even greater responsibility and worry for me.  I get frustrated by my 5 siblings lack of involvement and concern, but have decided I just have carry on and take care of things myself.  I am going to back to tracking 100% of the time.  I did it before...through many special occasions and holidays.  The weekends will no longer throw off my weeks.  I am tired of watching the scale go up and down the same numbers over and over.

I want to lose weight.  I will lose weight.  I do not want to wait to lose weight.  There will probably never be a "good time" for me to lose weight.  I can do it now, regardless of how difficult my situation is.  I can do this.  I deserve it.  I can't change my situation so I must change myself!

Day 62...Activity...Success...Eats...will be successful by the day's end!

Onto Day 63...

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