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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Days 40 & 41...

Two great WW a row!

Yesterday I reached 176% and earned 11pp...and I stayed within my dailies to boot!
*My highest % yet!

Today I have made it to 141% and earned 8pp and the day is not over.  I did use 3pp extra.

Yesterday morning I powered through a 3 mile hilly walk. 

Today my daughter and I powered through a 5 mile walk with only one hill.

Even though I have eaten some extra pp this week, I am hoping by Saturday morning I have done enough for the scale to show a loss.  I am not looking for big numbers, just lower numbers than last losing each week is my new goal regardless of how much.

Tomorrow will be another busy day.  I am going to take another good walk first thing in the morning, then I have to take my mom to the chiropractor, then I have to drive to the valley to pick up a prescription for my mom's friend.  I am planning on having lunch before I go to the valley so I don't need to eat out.  I will also pack a small snack (just in case) and plenty of water. 

I know tomorrow can be another successful day if I make it one!

Day 40...Success!

Day 41...Success!

Onto Day 42...

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