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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 65...

I'm not sure why, but I did not sleep well at all last night.  This morning we had a very small, and quick, earthquake. 

While my mom was at church, my daughter and I cut and started sewing a quilt for her Christmas present.  I cut and ironed while my daughter sewed...she can sew very straight seems for an 8 year old!  We got all of the pieces in each row together.  Next week we will sew the rows together and put the top with the batting and backing.  It will probably take us 3 Sunday mornings total to finish.  It will be nice to have something finished early.  We are also going to make her a pretty bird and birdhouse puzzle and frame it.  Both should make for a nice surpise for her.

Today has been full of picking up around the house, cleaning, laundry, and a trip to Sams Club and the grocery.  I finally bought Halloween candy for Trick or Treaters.  I put it all in a fabric grocery bag, zipped up the bag, and put it away.  I have not decided if I will have any candy on Halloween, or after, but if  I choose to I will make sure I have enough pp...I want the scale to move down again this week...losing 2.4 would be nice to bring me to 70 pounds lost, but I will take any loss and be happy with it!

I am so tired I would love to just sit with my feet up and watch TV, but I have too many things left to do.  Hopefully I'll get a chance before the end of the day since it is only 2pm.

I did not take a walk this morning because my husband wasn't home to be with the kids.  I have reached 50% so far and should be able to reach 100%.  Yesterday I earned 12pp and made it to 173%!

I am going to make up some new recipes this week...if they turn out I will share.

Day 65...Success thus far.

Onto Day 66...

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