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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 39...Activity-Less...

Today was a frustrasting day.  My arm, shoulder, and neck are all out of shopping (not even major grocery shopping) almost put me over.

I want to exercise.  I want to move my body.  I want to release some horribly built up stress.

Tomorrow my son has school and my daughter doesn't.  If I can put my gym shoes on without pain, and it is not 80 degrees by 7am, I will go for a walk...all by my lonesome to clear my head.

Today was a super WW eating day.  I stayed within my daily pp and met all of my healthy guidelines.

Activity...not so bueno.  It is almost 7pm and I am only to 44%...I think this is probably the least I have ever moved in any given day.  My lack of movement wasn't even was frustrating.  I feel so antsy like I just need to get out of the house and DO something.

Hoping for a good walk tomorrow...we'll see come morning.  If it is too hot, but my feet don't hurt, I will go to the gym and utilize the treadmill even though I prefer to walk outside.

Day 38...Food...Success...Activity...Fail.  Hoping tomorrow both are successful!

Onto Day 39...

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