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Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 63...

Last night's Harvest Festival was good.  My daughter and I helped in her grade's booth more than I planned, but we both had fun and she still got to play alot of games.  The festival was run by a different group this year and there were a few changes.  My daughter and I did have some fruit and lunchmeat before we left, but I did save 13pp for some goodies.  Sadly, there were not many goodies.  There was no bake sale, freshly popped popcorn, fresh cotton candy, or caramel apples (which I made 200 of last year and was told they didn't want to do them this year because of the popcorn fundraiser).  Yes...all of those things are food related, but they are fun and I actually allowed for some within my daily pp.  Oh well.  Maybe next year I will have to be on the festival committee to suggest some changes regarding the "goodies", lighting, and masking off of game areas so kids and parents are not walking through them.

My daughter's grade's booth was cute..."Ring Around the Witch Hat".  The idea was to throw a hula hoop "around" a black cone that was decorated as a witch hat.  Each child got three tries and we decided everyone would get a treat whether they did it right or not.  I am all about having fun and the kids did have a ton of fun.  The last 30 minutes of the festival was really fun for them as we still had a ton of candy and treats...everyone who played got two handfuls...I am glad there were many pencils, tattoos, and such, and not just candy.  I got in a ton of activity squating down 500 times to pick up the hula hoops.

Mid way through we decided to take a "dinner" break.  On the menu ~ Pizza, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Frito Chili Bowls, and Bagged Popcorn.  We opted to share a Hot Dog & Nachos...both were small which was good for pp purposes.  My daughter won in the cake walk so she picked a pack of 2 cookies and we had those with dinner.  All in all I came home with 6pp to spare.  We were hungry by that time so we shared a plum, and I had 1/2 of a grilled cheese sandwich...and 1" of a strawberry Laffy Taffy.

I went to bed feeling good about my and activity.  I woke up this morning and the scale had gone down only 1/2 pound from yesterday?!?!  I just don't understand.  Oh well...not to give up.

Last night my dad decided he is not going to get his teeth extracted, he was mean and nasty and yelling...I am going to cancel the appointment and hope the infection does not spread.

My daugther and I are going to take my mom to lunch today after the will be good for her to get a break.  We are going to Claim Jumper and I will check out the menu online first so I can stay within my pp for the day.  Dinner will be $ 1 pastor (pork) tacos and corn on the cob.  The tacos are mini and come with 2 tortillas...I separate each taco into two.  My pp options are 2 tacos for 3 pp, 4 tacos for 6pp, or 6 tacos for 9pp.  I'll decide how many to have depending on my hunger level...after I eat my corn.

Today will be a good day...

* I didn't go for my walk this morning, but will tomorrow.  I didn't want to have to rush this morning since my daughter is home and we have to leave to take my mom.  I have tons of stuff to do at home so I will be sure to reach 100% one way or another!

Onto Day 64 & weigh in...

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