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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 15...Weigh In...

This week I struggled a bit, but also had many non-scale victories!  Many times I wanted to eat and didn't, a few times I made a not-so healthy choice healthier, I drank alot of water (instead of Coke Zero), I got in quite a bit of activity even though I still have to be careful of my foot and wrist, and I spent alot of time thinking before I ate, which made several of my choices much better than they might have been, and most importantly, I did not give up!

The result...Down 1.8 for a total of 6.4 since going back to WW 2 weeks again and 55.5 pounds total since starting my WLJ.

Last night I was dreaming of Pizza Hut Pizza, while I was still awake.  I decided since I wanted the night off from cooking today and my mom would not be home, we are going to have pizza.  My daughter's friend is spending the night and I wanted something easy.  I decided to invite my friend and her son's as well...the older some is bringing a few friends.  I know I will be so busy taking care of everyone that I will not have time to think about eating too much.  They all know I do WW and I don't mind bringing my scale and tracker out...they are part of me and a major part of my success!

I am going to order the new flatbread pizza, and a variety of "regular" crust pizzas.  If I decide I want some of the regular pizza, I will cut the slices small and stop to think if I still want / need more. I am also going to put out some fresh fruit and make a "salad bar" to go with this morning's WW meeting topic.  Dessert will be either ice cream, Otter Pops, or Popsicles...all reasonble pp options ranging from 1-5pp.

My first thought was not to track and just eat like I wanted to and start my WW week tomorrow.  I thought some more and decided that is when I get myself into trouble.  Even on days that I go over my dailies and weeklies, as long as I track all of the nonsense, I am always able to get right back on track the next day.  On days that I don't track, I tend to continue down that path.

I really do not want to gain this week, and I REALLY want to I have decided that I will track 100% and if I use more weeklies than I plan, so be it.  I will be aware of how many pp I am eating and count them as I go rather waiting until I have gone to far!

Feeling good...whoop whoop!

Onto some fun with friends, good eats, and swimming!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 11...

I did well over the weekend, drinking water, tracking, and eating.  We went to the movies and I shared nachos with my daughter and bought a huge bottle of water...not even one buttery piece of popcorn...success!  Dinner was a bit of a different story.  We went to a Mexican restaurant and it was late...around 8pm...yes, late for us!  I wasn't going to eat any chips, but I was super hungry.  I did count and track them though!  I had a bowl of Chicken Tortilla soup which turned out to be a bowl of broth, a few pieces of chicken (I gave most of them to my daughter), a bit of cheese, a and few pieces of avocado.  I was disappointed there were no veggies in it.  I order chicken flautas as an appetizer with a side of red enchilada sauce.  The sauce was not good at almost tasted like Mole sauce which I do not care for.  I only ate two of the 4 pieces.  I had about 2 spoons each of my hubby's beans and rice and 1 triangle of my daughter's quesadilla.  I spent more pp than I had planned, but I had my weeklies, so I was good.  The service was horrible and there were only 5 tables filled in the whole place!  The prices are a bit high and the food was not as good as it used to be.  We will not being going back, and I wonder how much longer they will stay in business.  It makes me a bit sad because it has been here forever and used to be really good...and crowded!

Yesterday was kind of a strange day.  I took my 30 minute walk, but it was not pleasant because it was muggy and humid.  I came home wanting to eat.  I had a small snack, and then another.  We took my mom to the chiropractor and when we got home I had to leave again to pick my son up from school.  I did not really have a plan for lunch...BAD idea!  I ate this and that...and some more of this and some more of that.  I tracked it all, but just couldn't seem to feel satisfied.  By dinner I wasn't super hungry so I ate very little.  By the time dinner was done and I had picked up a bit, I was hungry again.  I had another piece of chicken.  When I got back around 8:30pm from picking my son up at school, I made my hubby's dinner.  I had a few more bites of chicken and almost had some ice cream, but then decided I didn't want it.  I used 19pp over my dailies and weeklies.  The day was very similar to last Tuesday?!?!?

Today I am feeling much better and have a plan for lunch and dinner.  I did not walk this morning because it was still humid and I wanted to get the pool shocked early so the kids and I can swim after lunch.  My son's night class instructor has a conference to go to so he does not have class tonight or tomorrow...woo hoo!!!  Many hours of traveling across town saved and 120 less miles to drive...woo hoo!

Off to take my mom to the gym to swim...the pool is still a bit chilly for her, but the solar cover I ordered should come this week.

Onto making Day 11 a good one!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 8...Weigh in...

Last night we had a last minute BBQ with a friend we met at track with my daughter and our neighbors.  My friend's sons are 11 years and 9 months old.  They are great boys and we were so glad to see them! 

I decided not to let anyone bring food since this morning was weigh in and I wanted to stick to my plan and not have any tempting nonsense.

I BBQ'd lean burgers, hot dogs, and hot links.  I also bought small bags of baked chips and put out small tortilla chips...uniform in size, easy to count out for a serving, and very pp friendly.

I also cut up fruit and veggies and bought mini ice cream drumsticks...only 3pp!

We had some fruit, veggies, and chips while we waited for my hubby to come home from work.  For dinner I ate 1 hamburger with cheese, onions, lettuce, and bun.  I also had 1/2 of a bagel and 1/4 of a hot link.  For dessert...1 drumstick...tiny, but is enough.

Between snacks and dinner, I tracked 100% and only used 15pp.  I actually ended the day with a few unused pp, but was to tired and not hungry so I didn't eat them.  I made sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day as well since the kids and I had El Pollo Loco for lunch and I wanted to make sure to flush out as much extra salt as possible!

During the BBQ, we swam in the pool, I played with the kids, took care of our guests, and had a really good time.  There was no stress or pressure.  My mom was with us the whole time and I know it was good for her spirit to be with nice people!

At the WW meeting this morning I was down 4.6!  I would like to have seen a bigger number being my fist week back, but all things considered I am very happy with that number!!!  I walked just under a mile before the foot was tired and I was hungry so I cut it a bit short.  This afternoon I am sure I will be in the pool for some more activity and good hubby is working today, but I am hoping he will get in too later in the day!

My week was good, except for Tuesday.  I tracked 100%...even Tuesday's madness, drank plenty of water, got in some good eats including fruits and veggies, and got in some good activity too!

Week 1...Success!

Onto Week 2!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 6...Not too bad...

It is now Thursday afternoon, and every day this week except for Tuesday.  I was stressed out, and super tired, which resulted in too much food passing my lips.  I tracked every ugly extra bite and ended up using 18pp over my dailies and weeklies. 

Wednesday morning I got right back on track and did well.  Today has been good too.  I had not planned dinner on Tuesday, and I think that uncertainty in combination with a super busy schedule and lots of chaos put me over the edge.

I have been walking 30 minutes in the mornings, spent an hour and a half in the pool with my daughter yesterday, and plan to go in the pool again today.  My foot is a little sore and stiff, but I will work through it slowly so I don't have to completely stop exercising like before.

This week I have had some hungry moments...some physical and some mental.  I have done pretty well considering, and I am so proud of myself that I didn't let Tuesday's madness spiral into the next day and throw off my whole week!  I keep trying to remind myself that I worked so hard the first year and I was rewarded with weight loss.  If I repeat those actions, I will get repeated results. 

I am feeling good and can hardly wait until weigh in!  Yeah!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 1...Starting over...again...

Day 1...

In March I hurt my foot from too much exercise. In April I got a boot that was hot and heavy and went from my toes to my knee. No exercise, super limited movement, and a hurt wrist drove me right back to the fridge.

I went back to WW in May after my daughter was done with her track meets.  I weighed in at my "heaviest" since I lost weight...240 pounds!  In 2 weeks I lost 9.4 pounds and then gave up.

 I did pretty well maintaining (going up and down the same few pounds over and over). Then I got super frustrated and ate, ate a bit more, and ate some more.  I gained back the 9.4 pounds I had lost and 3.5 more pounds on top of that. 

During that time I had switched, and re-switched, my WW membership from meetings back to online.  I wasn't really into it and felt like I was wasting money.

Last week I took the boot off my foot and have been trying to be careful with it.  We bought an above ground pool and I am going to get as much exercise in it as I can. 

I thought about why I joined WW the first time back in February of 2011.  I remembered that I did it because even though I was exercising and watching what I ate, I wasn't losing weight.  I had decided I needed the "guide" for food that WW offers with its PointsPlus system.

Last week I decided I still need it now too.  I am going to slowly ease back into exercise, and I need WW to be my guide for the nutrition part of it. 

I went back to my first WW meeting this morning.  I took my 13 extra pounds with me and have commited to lose them for good and continue on to lose all I need to in order to reach my ultimate weight loss goal.  I have about 95 pounds to lose although since I have not weighed 150 pounds since I was very young, I am only using that weight as a temporary goal until I am closer and find what a comfortable, and healthy, weight will be for me.

I feel like I am finally excited about the idea of losing weight again.  I also feel like I can do it.  When I joined in 2011, the thought of not losing weight didn't even cross my mind.  Since I have been struggling in 2012 & 2013, I have not been able to convince myself that I can lose, continue to lose, and keep it off.  Those thoughts have got to change into...YES!!!  I can do it!  Why not?  I am good at so many other things, especially taking care of my kids, husband, and parents...why shouldn't I be good at taking care of me too!?!?

I made a new "what if" spreadsheet where I will log my weight each week, and I have scenarios of how much I would weigh if I lost 1, 2, or 3 pounds per week.  It is not exact, but gives me hope and an idea of where I could be if I really commited to the process.

It is totally possible for me to reach Onederland by December if I can lose an average of 2 pounds per week.  If I lose an average of 1 pound per week, I could be there by May of next year.  Either way if I can consistantly lose something, anything each week, I would be lighter than I am today!

This morning after the meeting, my daughter and I had some errands to run.  We each ate a banana at the meeting, but were getting hungry.  We opted for McDonald's to avoid driving too far or spending too much time out.  I pondered what to order and decided to order something that would be very close in pp value as what I would have eaten at home.  I usually eat 7pp for breakfast so I decided on an Egg White Delight McMuffin (I didn't eat the top), 1 hashbrown with a bit of ketchup, and a bottle of water instead of a Diet Coke.  My meal came to 9pp...only 2pp over my normal breakfast.  I was super proud of myself and enjoyed my eats.

Lunch was a bit of a different story, but after going round and round in my head and deciding I would only cheat myself if I didn't track accurately, I spent the rest of my daily pp on lunch.  I ate a piece of leftover chicken and made a homemade pizza.  I counted all of the extra pp and have used 1 of my weeklies thus far.  I will not go overboard on dinner, and even though I spent more on lunch than I had planned to, I am pround of my decision to track everything and be true to myself.

I will have a good week.  It might not be perfect, but I am going to track every bite, get in some activity, and make the best of my choices...good, bad, or otherwise!

Day 1...It's a start!