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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 15...Weigh In...

This week I struggled a bit, but also had many non-scale victories!  Many times I wanted to eat and didn't, a few times I made a not-so healthy choice healthier, I drank alot of water (instead of Coke Zero), I got in quite a bit of activity even though I still have to be careful of my foot and wrist, and I spent alot of time thinking before I ate, which made several of my choices much better than they might have been, and most importantly, I did not give up!

The result...Down 1.8 for a total of 6.4 since going back to WW 2 weeks again and 55.5 pounds total since starting my WLJ.

Last night I was dreaming of Pizza Hut Pizza, while I was still awake.  I decided since I wanted the night off from cooking today and my mom would not be home, we are going to have pizza.  My daughter's friend is spending the night and I wanted something easy.  I decided to invite my friend and her son's as well...the older some is bringing a few friends.  I know I will be so busy taking care of everyone that I will not have time to think about eating too much.  They all know I do WW and I don't mind bringing my scale and tracker out...they are part of me and a major part of my success!

I am going to order the new flatbread pizza, and a variety of "regular" crust pizzas.  If I decide I want some of the regular pizza, I will cut the slices small and stop to think if I still want / need more. I am also going to put out some fresh fruit and make a "salad bar" to go with this morning's WW meeting topic.  Dessert will be either ice cream, Otter Pops, or Popsicles...all reasonble pp options ranging from 1-5pp.

My first thought was not to track and just eat like I wanted to and start my WW week tomorrow.  I thought some more and decided that is when I get myself into trouble.  Even on days that I go over my dailies and weeklies, as long as I track all of the nonsense, I am always able to get right back on track the next day.  On days that I don't track, I tend to continue down that path.

I really do not want to gain this week, and I REALLY want to I have decided that I will track 100% and if I use more weeklies than I plan, so be it.  I will be aware of how many pp I am eating and count them as I go rather waiting until I have gone to far!

Feeling good...whoop whoop!

Onto some fun with friends, good eats, and swimming!

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