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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 11...

I did well over the weekend, drinking water, tracking, and eating.  We went to the movies and I shared nachos with my daughter and bought a huge bottle of water...not even one buttery piece of popcorn...success!  Dinner was a bit of a different story.  We went to a Mexican restaurant and it was late...around 8pm...yes, late for us!  I wasn't going to eat any chips, but I was super hungry.  I did count and track them though!  I had a bowl of Chicken Tortilla soup which turned out to be a bowl of broth, a few pieces of chicken (I gave most of them to my daughter), a bit of cheese, a and few pieces of avocado.  I was disappointed there were no veggies in it.  I order chicken flautas as an appetizer with a side of red enchilada sauce.  The sauce was not good at almost tasted like Mole sauce which I do not care for.  I only ate two of the 4 pieces.  I had about 2 spoons each of my hubby's beans and rice and 1 triangle of my daughter's quesadilla.  I spent more pp than I had planned, but I had my weeklies, so I was good.  The service was horrible and there were only 5 tables filled in the whole place!  The prices are a bit high and the food was not as good as it used to be.  We will not being going back, and I wonder how much longer they will stay in business.  It makes me a bit sad because it has been here forever and used to be really good...and crowded!

Yesterday was kind of a strange day.  I took my 30 minute walk, but it was not pleasant because it was muggy and humid.  I came home wanting to eat.  I had a small snack, and then another.  We took my mom to the chiropractor and when we got home I had to leave again to pick my son up from school.  I did not really have a plan for lunch...BAD idea!  I ate this and that...and some more of this and some more of that.  I tracked it all, but just couldn't seem to feel satisfied.  By dinner I wasn't super hungry so I ate very little.  By the time dinner was done and I had picked up a bit, I was hungry again.  I had another piece of chicken.  When I got back around 8:30pm from picking my son up at school, I made my hubby's dinner.  I had a few more bites of chicken and almost had some ice cream, but then decided I didn't want it.  I used 19pp over my dailies and weeklies.  The day was very similar to last Tuesday?!?!?

Today I am feeling much better and have a plan for lunch and dinner.  I did not walk this morning because it was still humid and I wanted to get the pool shocked early so the kids and I can swim after lunch.  My son's night class instructor has a conference to go to so he does not have class tonight or tomorrow...woo hoo!!!  Many hours of traveling across town saved and 120 less miles to drive...woo hoo!

Off to take my mom to the gym to swim...the pool is still a bit chilly for her, but the solar cover I ordered should come this week.

Onto making Day 11 a good one!

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