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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 1...Starting over...again...

Day 1...

In March I hurt my foot from too much exercise. In April I got a boot that was hot and heavy and went from my toes to my knee. No exercise, super limited movement, and a hurt wrist drove me right back to the fridge.

I went back to WW in May after my daughter was done with her track meets.  I weighed in at my "heaviest" since I lost weight...240 pounds!  In 2 weeks I lost 9.4 pounds and then gave up.

 I did pretty well maintaining (going up and down the same few pounds over and over). Then I got super frustrated and ate, ate a bit more, and ate some more.  I gained back the 9.4 pounds I had lost and 3.5 more pounds on top of that. 

During that time I had switched, and re-switched, my WW membership from meetings back to online.  I wasn't really into it and felt like I was wasting money.

Last week I took the boot off my foot and have been trying to be careful with it.  We bought an above ground pool and I am going to get as much exercise in it as I can. 

I thought about why I joined WW the first time back in February of 2011.  I remembered that I did it because even though I was exercising and watching what I ate, I wasn't losing weight.  I had decided I needed the "guide" for food that WW offers with its PointsPlus system.

Last week I decided I still need it now too.  I am going to slowly ease back into exercise, and I need WW to be my guide for the nutrition part of it. 

I went back to my first WW meeting this morning.  I took my 13 extra pounds with me and have commited to lose them for good and continue on to lose all I need to in order to reach my ultimate weight loss goal.  I have about 95 pounds to lose although since I have not weighed 150 pounds since I was very young, I am only using that weight as a temporary goal until I am closer and find what a comfortable, and healthy, weight will be for me.

I feel like I am finally excited about the idea of losing weight again.  I also feel like I can do it.  When I joined in 2011, the thought of not losing weight didn't even cross my mind.  Since I have been struggling in 2012 & 2013, I have not been able to convince myself that I can lose, continue to lose, and keep it off.  Those thoughts have got to change into...YES!!!  I can do it!  Why not?  I am good at so many other things, especially taking care of my kids, husband, and parents...why shouldn't I be good at taking care of me too!?!?

I made a new "what if" spreadsheet where I will log my weight each week, and I have scenarios of how much I would weigh if I lost 1, 2, or 3 pounds per week.  It is not exact, but gives me hope and an idea of where I could be if I really commited to the process.

It is totally possible for me to reach Onederland by December if I can lose an average of 2 pounds per week.  If I lose an average of 1 pound per week, I could be there by May of next year.  Either way if I can consistantly lose something, anything each week, I would be lighter than I am today!

This morning after the meeting, my daughter and I had some errands to run.  We each ate a banana at the meeting, but were getting hungry.  We opted for McDonald's to avoid driving too far or spending too much time out.  I pondered what to order and decided to order something that would be very close in pp value as what I would have eaten at home.  I usually eat 7pp for breakfast so I decided on an Egg White Delight McMuffin (I didn't eat the top), 1 hashbrown with a bit of ketchup, and a bottle of water instead of a Diet Coke.  My meal came to 9pp...only 2pp over my normal breakfast.  I was super proud of myself and enjoyed my eats.

Lunch was a bit of a different story, but after going round and round in my head and deciding I would only cheat myself if I didn't track accurately, I spent the rest of my daily pp on lunch.  I ate a piece of leftover chicken and made a homemade pizza.  I counted all of the extra pp and have used 1 of my weeklies thus far.  I will not go overboard on dinner, and even though I spent more on lunch than I had planned to, I am pround of my decision to track everything and be true to myself.

I will have a good week.  It might not be perfect, but I am going to track every bite, get in some activity, and make the best of my choices...good, bad, or otherwise!

Day 1...It's a start!

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