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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Days 68 ~ 72...

This past week was busy with Spring Break, my daughter's birthday, and getting my mom where she needed to go.  In spite of it all, I still managed to get in a lot of activity!  My eats were good more or less, although we had a BBQ for my daughter's birthday and we ate really late.  We also had alot of errands to run that day and ate fast food for lunch. All in all I did well.  I was up 2 pounds for yesterday's weigh in, but the scale was already down a pound today. 

I went to Urgent Care early Friday morning to have my foot looked at.  My Achilles tendon is out of whack and I have a bone spur on the bottom of my foot.  I am allowed to walk and have some foot stretches to spin, bike, or Zumba for two full weeks. 

Onto finish laundry... 

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