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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Days 65 ~ 67...

Days 65 ~ 67 I did pretty well with exercise.  Sunday I was busy around the house, but didn't earn a ton of activity pp.  Saturday I did earn 12pp though! 

Monday I went to spin the morning and walked an hour at my daughter's track practice.  My walking buddy didn't go, but I walked by myself anyway.  I cut it short with an hour rather than an hour and a half because my foot was hurting.  I earned 16pp for the day.  It was kind of an eaty day, but I tracked it all.

Tuesday I decided to rest my foot.  I did some stuff around the house and ran some errands and earned 5pp for the day.  My eats were not perfect, but I did track.

The scale is back up.  I really think I should stop weighing myself everyday.  It makes sense that my weight will go up and down during the week...Saturday's weight should be all that matters.  I am going to put the scale away after I weigh in this Saturday until the next Saturday...if I move, track 100%, and stay within my dailies and weeklies, it should be down by the following Saturday!

Onto Day 68...Busy getting stuff done at home and we have track practice tonight!

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