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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 49 & Day 50 & Weigh In...

Yesterday was good...I dropped the kids off at school, went for my 3 mile walk, and then helped in my daughter's class for the rest of the day.  I ate well, earned 8pp, and reached 145%.

Weigh in...the exact same as last week.  Not excited that I didn't lose, but excited that I didn't gain and take a step backward, considering when I do it is usually a HUGE leap backwards that takes weeks to reverse!  My eats were a bit willy nilly this week and my body is probably in shock by how much activity I am doing now that my foot is healed.  I walked 16.50 intentional miles this week...woo hoo! 

I did park a ways away from the meeting this morning and walked there and was a chilly 50 degrees...perfect walking weather!

After the meeting, I was ready to have a stellar eating day.  I came home, made a great veggie filled egg dish, and then kinda went nuts eating this, that, and the other...nothing really even exciting!  I tracked it all and have used just about all of my weeklies.  My husband decided to go out to dinner tonight for Mexican food.  Since I wasn't super hungry, I only had a few chips with salsa.  I also had a small cup of chicken tortilla soup, iced tea, 1/2 each of a beef and chicken flauta with sour cream and guacamole, and 1/2 chicken tender.  My fried choices are not the best, but they were tasty, I didn't eat very much of them, and I was able to stop before I was stuffed.  My eats throughout the day probably helped me at dinner.

I was so tired today...I think the week's chaos finally caught up to me.  I took a nap, went grocery shopping, and fiddled around the house.  Because I kind of took the day off today I have tons to do tomorrow...laundry, a trip to Sam's club, pick up around the house, write out the menu for the week, and make sure the kids are ready for school Monday.  Since I am still tired, and tomorrow will be overflowing with to do's, I am going to sleep in rather than waking up early to walk.  I think going forward, I will take Sunday mornings long as I can reach 100% for my activity for the day, I will be happy.

I have earned 3pp today and only reached 89%...I probably won't get much further than that before I go to bed, but I will still consider activity a success for the day.  Eats...not so much, but I did do well when we went out to dinner.  I am trying yo focus on the good and not dwell on the bad...

Tomorrow I will be busy and should be able to have a good eating day.  I plan to eat well Mon ~ Fri for sure and take a walk everyday.  I am going to give my arm one more week before I try spin class.

Day 50...Done...

Onto Day 51...

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