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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 42...

Today started at 6:15am...I could have slept in because my daughter is still on Fall Break and my son starts school later, but I was done.  I am not quite sure how to sleep so my arm doesn't hurt so the past few days it has been best just to get up and get the day started.

I talked to my son at 6:30am about waking up...he asked for more time...I went back at 6:45am...he asked to sleep until 7am.  I talked to him at 7am and told him he needed to get in the shower because I was not going to wake him up again.  I thought he got in the shower...apparently he did not because when I asked him if he was ready to go at 7:40am...he came flying out of his room in panic mode.  When I asked what he had been doing he replied with "sleeping".  He took a 30 second shower, got dressed, abd we were out the door.  He was on time but stressed out.  I am glad he doesn't like to be late for, or miss, school.  Both of my kids are the same and it lets me know they care about school!

After I dropped my son off at school I ent for another good, hilly, walk.  3 miles in about 50 minutes.  I felt so good when I was done.

It was a good eats day as well!

ActiveLink...9pp160%...Woo Hoo!

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