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Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 38...Sand & Seaweed...

Last night I made it to 104% and earned 4pp on my ActiveLink.  I think doing all that laundry was not a good idea because my arm was killing me all night and half the morning.

My mom, kids, and I made it to the beach.  We have been to that particular beach many times over the years and I have never seen it look so bad!  There was so much seaweed on the beach and in the water, the waves were very small, and they brought more sand than water each time they came into shore.  My daughter and I walked / ran over to the other side of the rocks and there were big, beautiful waves and no sand in the water...much better.  I would have liked to move our stuff over to the other side but my mom could hardly handle the walk in the sand to the original spot we landed in.  I wish she could walk better, but I am glad she was able to go with us. 

My arm really hurt last night and this morning.  Once we were at the beach the pain was almost weird!  We have been home for hours and it is still pretty far!

I packed some healthy snacks and planned on stopping at Subway for lunch on the way to the beach.  Since my son is rarely with us and he really likes In-N-Out, I thought it would be nice to treat him.  My daughter does not like it so we stopped and got her some chili cheese fries.  I should have had the same, but for some dumb reason I too had In-N-Out.  I don't even like their food, but somehow end up eating it everytime we are there.  I did not finish my fries, but did eat my burger.  The iced tea wasn't even good to me...maybe it is in my head...who knows!?!? 

On our way home from the beach we stopped and got frozen yogurt...always good.  Since it was abour 4pm when we got home, we weren't really hungry for dinner so instead we had a bit of this and that...not a good idea after a trip to In-N-Out.

Tomorrow is a new day to make better choices.  I WILL write myself a note to remind me that I do not need to eat food I don't like.  Sometimes I am just tired of the good days, bad days, good days roller coaster that I seem to ride more than not when it comes to food.  I will not give up and will continue to carry on...even through the bad days that seem to overflow with bad decisions.

Even though both kids have off tomorrow, I am going to get up early and try to put my gym shoes on and go for a good walk before the sun gets its heat on.  Today was about 85 at the beach and 105 at home.  Both too hot for me...

So far today I have earned 1pp and reached 79%...not sure how close I will get to 100%...

Day 37...Activity...Success...Food...Fail!

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