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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 37...Welcome October...

Today was another long day.  I think I have had more than enough of the heat summer brings and I will feel better once cooler weather comes...and stays!  Today was well over 100 and even at the mall it was too warm for me...especially for being in doors.

It is 8pm and I have earned 2pp for the day and reached 90%.  I have plenty of laundry to fold and put away so I am sure I will make it to 100% before bed.  Last night I made it to 88% and earned 2pp for the day.

Tomorrow my son, daughter, mom, and I are going to the beach.  This will probably be the last trip to the beach this year.  I wish we lived closer to the ocean...there is just something about the salt air and sound of the waves that always calms my soul.

I used up the rest of my weeklies today and consumed about 10pp over.  Tomorrow I am not going to be super strict, but not get out of control either.  It is usually easier for me to eat well when I am not home...sometimes when I am home I just seem to gravitate towards food...just because.  It is worse in this house than it was when I had my own house.  I know alot of it has to do with the environment and stress here as well as all of the memories within this house as it is the house I grew up in.

Tomorrow is a new day and should be good.  I am so happy my son decided to go with us.  He is 15 and so many times he would rather stay home and play his video games with his buddies than go out with his mom and sister.  At least when he is home I know where he is, what he is doing, and he is still communicating with his friends rather than sitting in his room alone. 

Day 30...Not quite a success, but could have been worse.  I have to keep reminding myself...I am far from my ultimate goal, but also far from where I started.  It may take me longer than I want to reach my ultimate goal, but the important thing is that I never give up!

Onto Day 31...

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