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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 11...Exercise good...eats not so good...and another injury...

This morning started off well.  While my hubby slept in...he only has one more vacation day left...I got the kids off to school and then came home and loaded up my trike into the truck.  I went to the bike trail and rode over 6 miles in about 45 minutes.  I wore my sandals which was not as good as my gym shoes, but at least I got in some activity.  The weather was really nice as were most of the people I passed. 

Since my husband is still not 100%, he decided today would be a lazy day full of TV and movies.  I did pretty well not eating too much until the afternoon and then for some reason I got the munchies.  I used up more of my activity pp and still need to earn more to break even.  I really struggle when our schedule is distrupted.

Somehow I managed to pull something in my right arm between by shoulder and my elbow.  I must have done it either when I was loading or unloading my bike into or out of the truck.  Because of the wheels and basket in the back of my bike, it is quite heavy and hard to heave all by myself.  I am hoping my arm will feel better in the morning...if it does I will go for another ride.

I reached 114% of my ActiveLink goal today...I thought I would have earned more with my bike ride, but I didn't.  I did "name the activity" which did increase my activity for that time.  From what I read on the WW website it seems like some activities, like biking and using an elliptical. are measured by the ActiveLink accurately, but most accurate when given a specific name to be used in the calculation...seems fair enough. 

So today's activity was good, but again I ate too much.  I did only have 2oz of chicken and a 2pp yogurt for dinner.  I should have had some veggies too, but by that time I was too full from all of the snacking.

Tomorrow is another day.

Onto Day 12...

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