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Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 31...Frustration...

I am frustrated...with myself and with my body. 

I got up this morning with a genius idea to cover my blister in the back of my ankle so I could go for a walk since my arm still hurts ridiculously.  I put my shoes on and was limping by the time we were out the door.  I know limping a three mile walk is going to do nothing but cause me different pain.

Yesterday's bike ride felt good at the time, but know I think I may have done more damage to my arm as now the pain radiates from my shoulder blade to my elbow.

I came back home this morning after dropping off the kids and crawled back in bed.  It seems like I take one step forward only to take two back.

This afternoon I am going to try and get some activity in with my daughter.  We are going to "Party Off the Pounds" with a Richard Simmons DVD...minus the shoes and arm movements.  It is 4pm and I haven't even made it to 50% on my ActiveLink.  I feel like a failure, epecially when I want to exercise and can't, or shouldn't, so my injuries can heal.

My eating was ok today, not great, but ok considering.  By the time I have dinner, I will use the rest of my weeklies.  I am still tracking every bite.

I am so ready for something fabulous to happen.  Sometimes it feels like we have more bad than good and I really think in life there should be more of a balance.

Hoping tomorrow is a better day...

Onto Day 32...

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