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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 26...Too much time in the car...

Today was hectic and long.  In all I drove a total of 90 miles.  I went to the valley to take my mom's friend to the doctor, got stuck in traffic on the way back and had to call my daughter's school to have her wait for me in the office.  We got home, I made her snack then was off to pick up my son from school.  Twenty minutes later I was out the door again to take my dad to the doctor.  My daughter and mom went too.  We left the house around 3:30pm and didn't get back until 6pm.

Even though I walked quite a bit at the both doctor offices, carried a wheel chair down 5 flights of stairs, and walked back up those stairs, I have only reached 85% and earned 2pp so far.  I am so tired I don't know if I am going to make it to 100% today.

I did really well with eating today...even lunch out.  The trouble started when I got home at 3pm and then again at 6pm when it was time to make dinner.  I didn't go super overboard, but definitely ate more than I planned, or needed, to.  I have got to break the connection between coming home and eating, and associating food with being out like...Target - Nachos, Wal-Mart - McDonald's, Movie Theater - Popcorn, etc.

The blister on my ankle still hurts but I am going to try to cover it well enough so I can go for a walk tomorrow morning.  Having that time alone, and moving my body, is good for my mind, body, and spirit.  I am hoping to be totally injury free so I can ride my bike to WW on Saturday morning, go to spin class on Monday (I haven't been in 4 weeks), and get in some kind of formal activity everyday.  I am getting good at reaching, or exceeding, my ActiveLink goal everyday without formal exercise...but getting that in really gives me some time to clear my mind and focus on me.

This has not been the best WW week ever, it has also not been the worst.  Not sure what the scale is going to say by Saturday, but I will do my best to get moving and eat well tomorrow and Friday in efforts of ending the week well.

Onto Day 27...

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