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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 32...Hmmm...

Today seemed like a very long day.  After I dropped the kids off at school I spent a good hour and a half going through the fridge, freezers, and pantry...taking stock and trying to make meals out of what we have on hand.  I made up 9 meals, which shouldn't be so difficult but considering it is rare that all 6 of us eat the same thing...I have to get creative.

I made a small grocery list to fill in the gaps.  I ended up spending about $35 and all I am missing is grapes.  They are on sale and I will be on the other side of town tomorrow so I will pick them up then.

Tonight I made garlic bread pizzas.  We had Garlic Texas Toast in the freezer so I cut each slice in half lengthwise, grilled each side on my pancake griddle, then topped them with tomato sauce, deli ham, mushrooms, turkey pepperoni, bacon bits, and cheese.  Once topped I popped them into the oven to heat through and melt the cheese.  They turned out really good.  My mom, kids, and I liked them.  I am not sure about my dad because I did not hang around for his reaction.  I figured my husband would not like them and he figured the same, but to our surprise he did.  I had already made him something else for dinner and there were not enough pizzas, but now I have another meal that I can cook the same thing for everyone...yeah!

I did well eating today.  I did have 1 too many slices of pizza, an extra cookie, and 1 cup of nonfat milk, but I decided I really wanted them and it is better for me to eat over a little than avoid what I really want and eat 10 other things instead.  I feel satisfied...not stuffed...and not guilty for eating a bit over my dailies.  Being perfect on WW is not my goal...learning from my mistakes, learning when it is ok to have a little extra, and learning how to stop eating are some of my WW goals.  I figure if I am too restrictive and don't enjoy the journey than I might end up having to redo it again later.

It is almost 7pm and I have only earned 1pp and reached 77% on my ActiveLink.  I did take a short walk today while my mom was at the chiropractor.  My foot still hurts to put my shoes on and my arm is still bothering me.  I have never dreaded exercise, but I never imagined I would miss it so much either!  My daughter and I did do about 30 minutes of Richard Simmons last night.  Most of the movements require your arms...I could hardly move mine without pain last night so I just did the leg portion...not the same as a full body workout but at least I was moving!

Not sure if I will make it to 100% tonight, but either way I will consider today a success.

Onto Day 33...

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