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Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 14...Ready for this week's weigh in...

So my plan to take my husband's truck and switch to the car at his work did not work because parking is not so good there and he needed to know exactly what time I would be there.  I could not tell him because I never know how long it will take my mom to do her thing.  If it cools off enough, I will ride my bike tonight...if not, I will find something else to do to get to 100% on my is possible even without "formal" exercise so I know I can do it.

It is 6pm and still in the 90's.  I have fed everyone except my dad and my husband.  I also still need to watch the novela with the hubby and finish laundry so that will be the rest of my bike ride.  I can hardly wait for the cooler weather...the heat and I are not friends by any means!  I will keep moving in one way or another until I reach 100% on my ActiveLink before I go to bed.  There has only been one day this week that I did not make it to, or exceed, 100% and I am determined to keep it that way!

After taking my mom to the chiropractor this morning we decided to take a mini road trip to a really nice, and big, Joann's about 35 minutes away.  Since it was very close to lunchtime by the time we got there, we stopped at Applebee's.  I love how Applebee's and Weight Watchers teamed up for a few menu items, but compared to how many other items there are on the menu I think there are too few WW friendly ones.  I would love if they would have a WW "a la carte" section so you could piece your meal together as you please.  I ended up making my own meal of steamed veggies, grilled chicken breast, and red potatoes...I counted it all as 10pp.  Since it was so hot I drank plenty of water in the car so I had iced tea with lemon and Sweet N'Low with lunch.   Lunch was tasty and I was happy that I stuck to my guns...even though figuring out what to order took me about 10 minutes and was super stressful.  It is much easier to eat out on plan when I know where we are going ahead of time.  In that case I place my order without even looking at the menu..super easy, super quick, and super stress free!

We got back to town just in time to pick up my daughter from school.  We came home for a quick snack.  Today has been a hungry day...not eaty, but physically hungry.  I think two days of eating too few pp caught up to me as my stomach was growling...even after drinking water, and I have had a few headaches today.  Each time once I ate, my stomach was satisfied and my headaches went away.  After our snack we picked up my son from school, came home for a bit, and then took my dad to the doctor.  My mom forgot her medicine so my daughter and I dropped her and my dad off at the doctor's, drove back home for her medicine and water, and then went back for my parents.

Dinner was super simple tonight as the chicken I had planned to cook did not smell good when I opened it.  The sell by date was yesterday...but better funky in the trash, than funky in the tummy!  I found some 100% white meat breaded chicken patties in the freezer. They are only 4pp and cook quickly in the microwave.  I don't like to make too many packaged foods, but tonight it saved me.  I wasn't super hungry so I had a chicken patty, ham, and mozzarella cheese.  I might have some fruit later, maybe not.  I have 1pp left for the day and will only use it if I am truly hungry...we'll see.

Day 14 is almost done...I still have plenty to do, including making all those lights flash on my ActiveLink.  Tomorrow is weigh in and I am hoping the scale shows my efforts this week.  Even though I had a few rough  moments, I tracked them and got in quite a bit of activity.

We'll see...Onto Day 15...

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