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Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 21...Weigh in...only hours away...

For the tears not shed yesteray, there was a waterfall today.  I wish I could forget hurtfull words once they are said, but I really have trouble doing so.

After many tears it was time to get busy.  My son is still not feeling well so I kept him home from school again.  He does not get sick often, but when he does...he does.  I feel so bad when there is nothing I can do to "fix it".  My daughter did not have school today so she went on the road with me...she really is a trooper!

We dropped my mom off at the chiropractor, went to the grocery, went to the pharmacy, picked up my mom, ran into Sam's, ran into Food 4 Less, and finally made it home by noon.  We had a quick lunch...turkey dogs, tortilla chips with nacho cheese, and peaches.  I only had one hot dog and measured my chips and cheese...success!  Once we were done with lunch, we started in prepping for my mother in law's visit.  We sliced, diced, pounded, and cooked up a storm.  My daughter took a break here and there and I did not stop except to make, serve, and eat dinner.  After eating, and watching the novela with my hubby, I was back in the kitchen.  While I was cooking, I sucked on 2 mint candies and drank alot of BLT's...another success!

It is now 10:30pm and I am exhausted!  I did clean up the kitchen, wash dishes, and start the dishwasher, for the second time today.  I don't love to do dishes, but do like to wake up to an empty sink.

I did go over my dailes by 4pp today...I splurged and ate a bit more carne asada and was worth it!

I made it to 136% and earned 6pp.

Day 21...success!

I can hardly wait to get on the scale...I have worked hard this week...I deserve to see a much lower number than last week!  Heck...I will work hard just getting to the meeting riding my bike there!

Onto Day 22...

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