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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 20...Good Eats...Good Activity...

Another busy busy that it is only 8:15pm and I am ready to colapse!

My son stayed home from school again today with his cold.  He is still not feeling better so it looks like he will probably stay home tomorrow too.  Since my mom was home and my daughter had a minimum day, I spent the day at her school.  It was the first time this school year.  Her teacher is really nice.  She had meetings in the morning so she prepared a few things for me to do.  I finished everything by 10am and since I have not helped in her class before and didn't know what else to do, I went to help my daughter's teacher from last year.  She was so excited, and I felt appreciated!  I really like spending time at the school because the kids are worry free and fun to be around.

Once we got home from school we took my mom to the gym so she could swim.  While she was there my daughter and I went to Wal-Mart and drove thru Taco Bell.  My son has not had much of an appetite...he wanted Dorito Tacos in the worst way, but then was bummed that he couldn't even taste them! At Wal-Mart my daughter and I got bananas for snack and then she had some nachos.  I was so proud of McDonalds, deli snacks, or candy...not foods that I always get, but I must get them often enough to be proud when I opt for a banana instead!

We went home and dropped off my son's lunch.  From there we went back to the gym for my mom, dropped her off at the nail shop for a pedicure, went to the library to get books for my mom and daughter, went to the bank, and then finally back for my mom.  I dropped her and my daughter off at home and headed to Food 4 Less for more grocery shopping.  My mother in law is coming for a cook fest this weekend so I am trying to prepare.

I put away the groceries, made dinner, did the dishes, watched my novela with the hubby, and here I am...ready for bed, but not quite finished because I told my daughter I would watch TV with her for a bit before bed since she does not have school tomorrow.

My dad said some hurtful things tonight.  I am not going to let him break me down...I shed about 2 tears, I could see my daughter was sad, so I collected myself and carried on so she wouldn't worry that Grandpa hurt her mom...again. I have also decided not to tell my mom because it will only upset her.  She went to church tonight for choir practice.  She has trouble sitting so long and late in the day she is tired and sore.  I hope she is having a good time, and I refuse to let my dad's words ruin her night...or mine.

So far I have made it to 115% and earned 5pp.  I ate exactly my daily pp and got in all my dairy, fruits, and veggies, and what seemed like about 10 gallons of was 104 today...24 degrees hotter than my limit.

So with that...Day 20...success!

Onto Day 21...

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