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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 9...Denny's & The LA County Fair...

Today was another good day...every bite tracked and I reached over 125% on my ActiveLink.

The morning started off well with everyone waking up before the alarm went off.  We all showered and as I was about to make breakfast, my husband decided were were going to Denny's on our way to the fair.  I ate a banana and drank plenty of water before we left the house.  Once at Denny's I had thoughts of having a Moons Over My Hammy Sandwich...I was even going to give my husband the hash browns as he was just having pancakes.  I quickly looked up the pp for the sandwich and, even quicker, changed my order.  I ended up having ice water with lemon, 1 piece of sourdough with butter and jam, egg whites, less than 1/4 of my hash browns, and 1 chicken sausage patty.  All of that came out to just under 1/2 the pp value that my original order would have cost me and I am sure I was much more satisfied than I might have been with the other.

I was surprised, and thankful, that there was very little traffic.  The fair was super hot, super crowded, and super pricey!  My daughter is still coughing a bit...she drank a ton of water to keep hydrated as it was almost 100 degrees today.  Shortly after we got there my husband started not feeling well and by the time we left he had a full blown amazes me how fast these things seem to hit us!  After tons of walking, some games, and some rides, we had had enough and made our way home.

Our eats at the fair...not very fair-like at all...

Grilled Chicken
French Fries with Ketchup
Diet Coke, Lemonade,and Water
Cotton Candy
1 oz of Beef Jerkey

All in all a good day, but I think that will probably be the last fair we visit...

Onto Day 10...

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