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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 19...

Last night for my ActiveLink I made it to 93% and earned 2pp.  I was so tired, I just could not move anymore.

Today has been another busy day.  Filling up my mom and dad's weekly pill boxes is a chore in itself for sure!  After I dropped off the kids and filled up the pills, I took my mom accross town for her exercise class.  My foot was still tender this morning, I will try my shoe again tomorrow.  After her class we went to buy some batting so she can finish her friend's quilt.  On the way home we picked up her medicine and after what seemed like a very long morning, we made it home by noon.

For lunch I made some beautiful and delicious salads served with 1/2 orange and a grilled fish sandwich using the Talapia from last night and tarter sauce.  Everythig was so tasty and pp friendly to boot!  About an hour later, I was hungry...not bored, or frustrated, or even thirsty, but physically hungry.  I ate some more fish and was good...for another hour or so...then I had an apple.  Then I picked my son up from school, came home and made him a snack, and then I was off to take my mom, dad, and daughter to my dad's doctor appointment.  We had a long wait, and even though I took water, I was once again hungry.  My daughter and I shared a crunhy oat bar from the vending machine and I had about 10 chili cheese Fritos.  I don't know why those damn things taste so good when they are so not good for you!?!?

With all of my extra eats I had 1pp left for dinner.  Instead of being creative once I reached the fork in the road at dinner, I turned down the dark path.  I had a bit of pasta with yogurt butter, then some toast, then a slice of bread with a bit of peanut butter and jelly, and a bit of cottage cheese & jelly.  Midway through the cottage cheese mixture,  I stopped myself, threw the rest out, and stopped eating.  Until of course when I served up my mom's dinner and because I was making her a piece of toast, thought I needed one too.  What the heck?!?!

By dinner, before that dark road was directly under my feet, my ActiveLink was only at 50%.  It has been about an hour and a half and I am to 83%.  I have been walking around the house like a crazy person putting laundry away 1 piece at a time...back and forth...back and forth.

I will try to get as close to 100% as I can before I go to bed.'s eats were not super and I am still working on my activity.  I was thinking about going on a bike ride tonight but it was still 97 and way too hot.

Tomorrow is another day...full of opportunities to make good choices.  I did spend quite a bit of time after I made lunch...measuring and figuring a beggie and protein packed lunch to take tomorrow.  I will be helping in my daughter's class all day for the first time this school year...should be fun, I love being with the kids!

9:15pm...Made it to 102% and earned 3pp.  Finished the laundry and walked back and forth from the front door to the kitchen.  I had no desire to eat since I was on a mission to get to 100%.  Added over 500 steps to my day...will consider today a good effort and successful activity day!

Onto Day 19...

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