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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 15...Weigh In...

Up .4!  I know I ate all of my activity pp this past week, but I really worked hard tracking everything and working off all of my madness.  When I first stepped on the scale this morning at home I was crushed.  I took a shower and got ready to go the meeting anyway...I am not going to miss any meetings and a .4 gain is not going to derail me!

I still can't put my shoe on without pain so I parked 1/2 mile away from the meeting and walked in my sandals...still not the best idea, but at least I got in some activity!  One of my WW buddies actually saw me walking, parked her car, and walked with me to and from the about support...thank you so much Charlene!

Today was super busy, and super Africa Hot!  After the meeting I did some quick grocery shopping and came home to my 15 year old son freaking out because the internet and cable were out...oh the horror!  After 30 minutes on the phone with tech support we were given an appointment for someone to come to the house.  He just left awhile ago and now all is well.  After I got off the phone my daughter and I went to the library...we were there for 2 hours!  We ran into one of the girls my daughter ran track with and her mom.  My daughter and I read some books and then I chatted with the mom for almost an hour. 

From the library we took my son home...since there was "nothing" to do at home, he decided to go to school and practice throwing his was over 100 degrees and I felt bad so we gave him a ride home up the hill.  After we dropped him off we picked up my dad's prescription and went to the mall.  We went to Build-A-Bear and Bath & Body Works.  I thought the mall would be cool, but the second level was super hot.  I think it is because of all of the sky lights.  We had lunch at the mall but it was kind of late so we didn't make the best choices.  We did share everything we ordered and through some away too. 

We shared some mini onion rings, curly fries, tator tots, and a chicken sandwich.  Apparently when I am too hungry and have not planned ahead, I have trouble making wise food choices...something to work on for sure!  Between the two of us we ate less than half of the potato items and I tracked every bite.  Lunch came to 19pp including 1pp for the ketchup.  After we ate I felt so sluggish, I am sure because we rarely eat fried foods.  We also rarely go the mall so I didn't really know what was there.  We made a better plan for lunch the next time we are there and now know what, and where to eat...lesson learned!

Later in the afternoon we stopped for frozen yogurt...I had literally two sour worm and one jelly bean.  For dinner I made a WW friendly version of Denny's Moons Over My Hammy.  I believe their version is 20pp, mine came in at 10pp, and was just as good.  I had 1/2 of a sandwich for dinner, some grapes, and 1 oz of pastor with 1 mini tortilla.  Dinner came out to 9pp.  I ended up using 9 of my weeklies today which is really good for a Saturday...some weeks I feel the need to use them like money burning a hole in my pocket?!?!

With all of my errands today I made it to 115% of my ActiveLink and earned 4pp...I didn't even have to jog up and down the hall, punch the air, or do any crazy moves to get there!  I am off to a good start for week 3, even with my .4 gain.

Onto Day 16...I CAN, and WILL, do this!

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