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Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 10...Not so bueno...

This morning I was going to try and ride my trike on the bike trail with my sandals since I still can't get my gym shoes on without pain.  I overslept and by the time I made everyone breakfast, it was too hot.  My kids and husband were home for the holiday and my husband is still sick.  My daughter still has her cough but should be able to go back to school tomorrow.

I was busy around the house this morning and did not put on my ActiveLink until 12pm...NEVER AGAIN!

I moved and moved throughout the day and had to do weights, run around doing aerobic-like movements, and use my kettlebell just to get to 75%.  So bummed, but I have learned my lesson.

Today's eats were not the best.  Since I used the rest of my weeklies yesterday after we got home from the fair, I am in the hole 1pp.  I ate 13 extra pp today, but have only earned 12 so far this week.  I still have 4 days to earn more and I will not eat them.  That scale WILL be down on Saturday!

Onto Day 11...

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