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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 23...Fun in the sun...

We made it to the beaah was pretty hot...not city hot, but hot for the beach.  We attempted fishing but luckily didn't catch anything...I don't like the whole hurting or killing fish part of fishing and there really isn't much else to it except frustration for some if they really want to catch a fish and don't.

I took water, fruit, and snack bars, but we only ate a bit of them.  We stopped at Del Taco on the way home.  I ate a 12pp chicken burrito and shared fries with the hubby...not sure how many, but today is my last pp-free day of the week so I wasn't really counting.  We did get some ice cream on the pier...the real stuff.  I had black cherry, the only flavor I will splurge on to have the real deal.  I asked for less than 1/2 scoop and the girl looked at me like I was crazy, and then gave me what I asked for.  In the car I shared a few Starburst candies with my kids and we brought some Baked Cheetos too.  For a "cheat" day, I didn't go crazy which feels good.

My son, daughter, and mother in law all went in the water at the beach...I walked some with my hubby, then took a break to enjoy the ocean in a folding chair with my feet in the water.  My son and I played Smash Ball...he hits high, hard, and far, so there was alot of running involved.  It was fun!

It is now 7pm and I have already made it to 113% and have earned 4 pp.  I feel really good about my food choices and the level if activity I have gotten in this weekend, especially with my mother in law here cooking like crazy.

Day 23...Success!

Onto Day 24...I am ready to measure and track every bite and have a great week!

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