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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 64...Weigh In...

I was down .6 today...not much, but any kind of loss is better than a gain!  Considering what the scale was telling me all week, I am thankful for such a loss. 

Today was super busy!  I walked 70 minutes (approx 4 miles) total before and after my WW meeting, took my daughter to the pumpkin patch, picked up parts for my hubby, ran a bazillion errands, and got tons done at home.  I was mindful of everything I ate and enjoyed a few small treats including a mini chocolate chip cookie with a mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cup in the middle...I am going to make these for our holiday goodie gifts for sure!  I had 1 1/2 and savored every bit of it!

They were selling snow cones at the pumpkin patch but the machine was broken.  I took my daughter to 7-11 for a small Slurpee instead.  I was going to have one as well (pp counted of course).  I really like the cherry flavor and rarely get one.  Cherry was out and I almost settled for Coke flavor, but decided if cherry was what I really wanted Coke would not satisfy me.  I opted to fill my water bottle with ice and we were on our way...woo hoo! 

I used 16 of my weeklies, tracked everything, and have earned activity 11pp for the day.  It is just after 8pm and I am ready to collapse.  I am off to watch iCarly with my daughter and read my WW weekly.

Day 64...Super Success!

Onto Day 65...

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