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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 60...Better Eats...

Today was better than yesterday in the food department.  On my 3+ mile walk this morning, I was really trying to find perspective regarding my current situation of taking care of my parents, trying to take care of my husband and kids, trying to fit myself somewhere in the mix, not having my own home / space, and feeling tired and frustrated much of the time.

Last year many of my current struggles exisited, but there weren't quite as many and I had school to focus many of my thoughts on.  I really want to see the scale move down on a weekly basis.  I know that eating is my worst trouble.  I have exercise down.  I earned 10pp and have reached over 150% so far today...almost effortlessly.  I need to continue with my activity efforts and work even harder on my food choices.  I am determined to lose weight and stop losing and gaining the same pounds over again.

Day 60...Success...

Onto Day 61...Looking forward to making some good choices which will move me forward!

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