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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 6...

Yesterday I made it to 84% and earned 3pp for the day.  I have really missed my walk the past few days...only a few more days until Aunt Flo is has not been a pleasant visit this month!

I ended the day well, 100% tracking and only used 7 of my weeklies.  I still have 17 left...success...and it is Thursday...super success!

I had to add more ice cream to my husband's ice cream cake to make it look right.  I have given up on figuring the pp since the total amount is ridiculous at this point.  The cake is large so a small slice wouldn't be too bad, but I had 3 Oreos for 4pp yesterday, have spent alot of time working on the cake, and at this point I think I am over it.  I have just about decided that I will have a sugar free, fat free pudding cup and some fat free Cool Whip and feel good because I know exactly how many pp I am eating and won't have the stress of figuring out a serving size and such.  I know my husband won't mind.  His mom is coming this weekend for a cook-fest.  I told him I am not eating everything she cooks and will have some pp friendly items on hand.  He said it was fine, and I know he meant it.  He knows how badly I want to lose weight and understands that it is not easy.  I have worked really hard this week and hope Aunt Flo will not get in my way on the scale Saturday.  Since this week will mark my first weigh in I want to make it count.  I am really hoping for at least 5 pounds...we'll see!

My daughter got her new glasses last night and was so excited to wear them to school.  She wasn't feeling 100% yesterday and last night we were up 1/2 the night and she was miserable.  She is home with me today and will hopefully go back to school tomorrow.  I hate to keep her home but I think alot of her sickness is from kids whose parents send them to school sick.

Last night we made a few birthday signs and taped them in my husband's truck.  I peeked out the window and saw his smile...success!

I have to take my mom to physical therapy.  My daughter and I are going to wrap up in blankets in the car and I will read to her.  When we get home I am going to make pizza for lunch, run to the store for a few dinner items, decorate the dining room, and make my husband's Beer Can "Cake" Centerpiece. Lots to do!

Onto making Day 6 a good one!

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