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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 5...

Last night I made it to 75% and earned 2pp for the day. 

I am still not feeling well because of Aunt Flo, so I am taking another day to stay home and do stuff around the house in efforts to get in some activity but not be too miserable.

I usually have a banana and piece of string cheese as a morning snack.  This morning I tried a 2-ingredient pancake...I used 3/4 of a banana that I mashed and then mixed it into a raw scrambled egg.  I made one "pancake" using half of the mixture and scrambled the rest...the "pancake" was definitely my favorite of the two.  I used just a bit of pancake syrup on the top for the full pancake flavor.  I liked it and would make it again.  We are actually having pancakes and turkey sausage for dinner, but I will have the real thing since I have already had 2 eggs and 1 white today.  I just have to plan lunch and an afternoon snack and my eats should be good for the day.

My hubby's birthday is tomorrow.  He loves cake-less ice cream cake, but it is expensive and super high in pp so my daughter and I are going to make one ourselves.  I am going to use light cookies and cream ice cream, hot fudge, canned whipped cream, and reduced fat Oreos.  I have calculated the pp if I use the entire package of each ingredient, but I think I will only need to use the Oreos to make the crumbs for the bottom and top and then a few whole cookies for the top as decorations so that will save ALOT of pp!  My daughter and I will be the only ones who know that it is a "healthier" version and I am going to measure and track my portion accurately to be able to enjoy but still stay within my pp.

I was going to make him a fake cake with one of his gifts (a set of wrenches) inside, but I decided I will wait until next year because on the way to the grocery store this morning I had the genius idea to make him a "Beer" cake instead.  I was looking online for ideas for diaper cakes the other day and this morning thought I could mane one using full beer cans instead.  I think I can get three tiers out of a 30 pack and I will use bungee cords in place of ribbons...I also have some screwdrivers, that I got for free when I got the wrenches that I can use somehow to decorate.  I will top it with some of his favorite candy and a birthday balloon...I am so excited and bummed I didn't have the thought until after I dropped my daughter off at school...she will be excited to help me especially since her "Papi" will love it!

Tons to do today...Day 5...

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