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Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 3...Still going strong!

Last night I had trouble sleeping and tossed and turned all night.  Around 2am my mom was having a nightmare and screaming.  It happens from time to time and scares me half to death when it wakes me up.  I ran into to her room and woke her up in hopes that the nightmare would be done when she fell back to sleep.  Apparently she was in the middle of a bank robbery!?!?

I got up before the alarm and hopped in the shower.  I made breakfast, the kids and I got ready, and we were out the door right on time.  The house was quite warm so I did not realize it was so cold outside...36 degrees...cold...for California anyway.  I didn't let it stop me though.  I walked 6 1/2 miles...up down, up down, level, up, was a LONG walk.  I was tired right before the end but got my second wind and finished strong!  I am already past 100% and have earned 7pp and it is only 1pm...yeah!

When I got home I had a banana and a nectarine.  I made taco salad for lunch using leftovers from last night and added 2pp of cooked fibery pasta along with veggies and guacamole.  I had 4pp worth of Doritos on the side.  It was good and filling. 

After lunch I made a few calls for some parts for my husband's truck that I am going to go pick up soon.  Then I will be back to take my daughter to her first eye doctor appointment.  This is her first official eye doctor visit and she is nervous.  She has been having trouble seeing the board so I hope we can get her glasses and it will help.  I am so thankful the visit is covered 100% by our $ 45 copay...woo hoo!  We will get prices for her glasses at the doctor, Wal-Mart, and Sam's club and then decide who has the best glasses for the best price.

I am going to pack some carrots, water, and FiberOne Cereal for the road as will we be gone for a number of hours.

Today is going to be successful!  I have already planned dinner...Turkey & Bean Chili topped with freshly grated cheddar cheese and onions with some of yesterday's bread, yogurt butter, and more chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  I have already tracked the rest of my day and have plenty of weeklies if I need something extra later on.

Onto finish Day 3...

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