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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 140 & Weigh In...

Dinner was tasty and I stayed within my pp.  I earned 4pp for the day and reached 95%.  I knew the 100% light was blinking, but my husband was asleep so I didn't want to turn the computer on to see how close I was...lesson learned...if the light is what I can to make it solid!

I woke up this morning not really feeling my walk.  I have so much to do today I am going to get to 100% by moving as much as possible.  I WILL walk to tomorrow's meeting and I am going back at 11am to do an informal 5k around the shopping center as part of the WW Open House.  I am also going to speak about my weight loss journey thus far.  I found a few photos last night that I am going to print today.  Even though I am far from my goal, I can see progress since those photos were taken.

The scale was down another pound this morning...I have hope that it will go down even more by tomorrow morning!

Dinner was perfectly on plan...I even had 5pp left for the day.  I chose not to eat any more after dinner because I was not hungry.  Around 9:30pm I was physically hungry.  Maybe I should have eaten more throughout the day??  I drank a few glasses of water, had some string cheese, applesauce, and 1 rice cake.  After that I still had 2pp left for the day but I was satisfied.  I don't usually eat after dinner and very rarely late at night. 

Even though it was only 32 degrees this morning, I parked a ways away and walked to the meeting.  I was up 1.4.  Last week I was down 1.2.  The beginning of this week was challenging and I did not get alot of activity.  I was super good with my eats W ~ F, but it wasn't enough.  I need to be "On Plan"

Today at 11am I am going back to WW to walk a 5k and to speak as a success story.  I do not see my self as much of a success or an inspiration, but if my story can help motivate even one person, it will be worth it.  I printed some old pictures...I have trouble seeing the difference, but I know I am much smaller than I was.  Going from size 3X to regular XL is smaller whether I feel it or not.  I know the weight I have gained back does not help how I feel about myself, but I am not giving up...I can't!

Hoping to get some inspiration of my own at the WW event...if nothing else I will get in a good walk!

Day 141...Will be and activity!

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