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Friday, January 18, 2013

Days 144, 145, & 146...

So after Monday's "eat 1/2 the kitchen" episode, I quickly recovered Tuesday.  I am noticing that I am able to recover more quickly when I slip up and not just throw in the towel and waster the ENTIRE week!  Woo hoo!

I got right back to tracking on Tuesday, earned 2pp, only reached 78%, and went over my dailies by 8pp, but I tracked and I moved so although not a perfect day, definitely much improved over Monday and still a success!

Wednesday was perfectly on plan...activity and eats!

Thursday was my mom's birthday.  I took the kids to school, took my hubby's truck to get a nail out of the didn't puncture the inner tube so they didn't charge me...yeah...then went to the DMV to renew the registration only to realize it needed to be smogged.  Luckily I had it for the day because of the nail in the tire so I got the smog done as well.  I came back home and ate an early lunch...all was fine until I thought I could have just a little of a freshly baked roll and ended up having a little more and a little more until it was gone.  When I weighed a similar size one it came out to 14pp!!!!  Holy cow!  By this time my mom had left to go for a birthday lunch with her friend.  Instead of getting upset and doing more damage, I turned on some loud music and got moving.  I danced around while I was baking her birthday cake, arranged her birthday flowers, ironed a nice table cloth, set the table with the good china, and decorated the dining room.  She loves candy so I taped some mini chocolate candies to wooden skewers and stuck them in the flowers.  I also made her a mini candy flower arrangement that my daughter later embellished with fabric flowers from our scrapbooking stash...her additions were perfect and made the whole thing make much more sense than just the candy alone!

Dinner turned out well...we had baked chicken, mashed potatoes, light gravy, wedge salad, and the rolls from earlier in the day.  I had a very small piece of one end and it was just enough.  The cake was chocolate, made from scratch with made from almost scratch candy frosting.  I had a small piece and 1/2 serving of ice cream.  I was happy with my dinner eats and my mom had a great time!

Onto Day 147...

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