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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Days 133 ~ 138...

These past few days have been a hodge podge of feeling good and not so good, eating good and not so good, not much activity...and an overall feeling of ugh!

I am tired...physically and emotionally.  I am tired of worrying about money.  I am tired of my parents not seeming to be happy with much.  I am tired of not having enough space.  I am tired of not having time to work and earn my own money.  I am tired of living in a house with someone else's rules.  I am tired of all the little things that make me nuts  I am tired of being tired.

With that said, I am also thankful for many things.  I am thankful for my great kids and husband.  I am thankful my parents are alive.  I am thankful I have the ability to help them get where they need to go, pay their bills, do the grocery shopping, take care of insurance and tax issues, etc.  I am thankful we have a roof over our heads...heat, water, and electricity.  I am thankful my parents' health insurance is inexpensive and offers amazing coverage.  I am thankful my husband, kids, and I have health insurance.

Last Thursday and Friday my eats were not bad.  By Saturday morning I was down 2 1/2 pounds for the week.  I parked away from the meeting and walked...when I got there the line was long.  I opted to keep walking instead of waiting.  By the time I got back to the meeting, the line was even longer.  We were offered the opportunity to join the meeting and weigh in after.  About 5 minutes before the meeting ended, I realized that I had drank almost all of my water while chatting and during the meeting.  My heart sank...I got up to weigh in and was down 1.2 pounds.  I was happy for a loss but a little disappointed since I expected it to be at least one more more.  Oh well.

My weekend was full of eating and lacked exercise.  Monday and Tuesday were similar...except we ate dinner really late both nights and I kind of went super nuts because I waited too long to eat.  Today has been better,  I went for a quick 23 minute walk this morning before I had to take my dad to the doctor.  Once we got home my daughter and I went to Urgent Care to get my eye has been red for 3 days and now hurts.  The doctor said I have a "cold" in my eye and told me to get some OTC eye drops.  $ 55 later I have used them once so far and my eye still hurts...I should probably just close them and take a nap!

After Urgent Care my daughter and I ran a few errands.  We went to El Pollo Loco for lunch...I had a Chicken Salad with Salsa instead of Creamy Cilantro Dressing and I added a small side of Pinto Beans for some extra protein and fiber.  Lunch was really good and satisfying.

When we got home I made some homemade pizza dough for dinner.  I weighed and pointed out my toppings so when it comes time to make dinner I can do it quickly. 

I really want to lose weight.  I want 2013 to be MY year!  I want to go back to the gym and take group classes that make me sweat like a gym rat and feel amazing because I can do things I never knew I could.  I want to reach my weight loss goals.

Even though this year has not gotten off to the best start, I am not going to waste the rest of the year crying about it.  As of this morning I was up 4 pounds from Saturday...I am going to do all I can can to lose those 4 pounds and either maintain or have a small loss by Saturday. 

I was asked to speak at this week's WW Open House.  I don't feel very inspirational, but I should.  I have lost alot of weight...not all I need to lose, but alot.  I have created and stuck to many good habits.  I did alot better throughout a really shitty year than I might have if I would have given up completely.  I may not be a complete success story, but I sure have the ability to be!

Days 133 ~ 137...Not so Successful...

Day 138...Much Improved!

Onto Day 139...

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