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Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 2...

Sunday morning my mom's friend took her to church, my daughter was still at her friends, my son was sleeping in, and my hubby and I were up at 6am.  He was going to help out a friend and I decided to go for a walk.  The weather was perfect and I got in my normal 3 mile hilly loop.

I had a quiet breakfast before I left for my walk and planned out dinners for the week.

Shortly after I got home it was time to get my daughter and pick my mom up from church.  We stopped at the Mexican market on the way...we bought some freshly baked smokin' hot bread.  My daughter had some in the car...I did not.  I did want to as the smell was enough to float me right into the bag.  However, I remember the week before when I ate one of those heavenly rolls and then had the genius idea to weigh and point it our after to find that it was worth 14pp!  I will never eat bread again without knowing, and tracking the pp first!

Church got out later than my mom planned...almost an hour later so my daughter and I sat in the car, with the bread, and waited for her.  I chewed gum, played on my phone, talked with my daughter, and resisted the bread...woo hoo!

By the time my mom finally got out it was noon and my daughter and I were more than ready for lunch.  My mom decided to treat us and my daughter picked The Mongolian Grill.  It is close by, affordable, and delicious.  I started with a salad that was filled with veggies, 2 tbs total of kidney and garbanzo beans, and 1/2 hard boiled egg.  I skipped the bacon, seeds, croutons, and even dressing!  I added extra beets as they are wet and I didn't even miss my beloved ranch...another woo hoo!

After my salad I had 2 small bowls of Egg Flower Soup topped with green onions.  I had never tried it before and it was so tasty and filling!  I was going to have a vegetable egg roll, but opted not to because I couldn't decide how many pp it would be. 

My third course was a trip to the grill bar.  I chose two small pieces of chicken and beef, 1/4 cup low mien noodles, a ton of veggies, 1 tsp of sesame oil, some garlic water, and a bit of BBQ "sauce".  Once cooked I added a bit of low sodium soy sauce and enjoyed every guilt free bite!

For dessert I slowly enjoyed 1 fortune cookie.  By the time we were done I felt satisfied, proud of my choices, and just right...not hungry, not stuffed...another woo hoo!

My husband got home right before we did and was ready for a quiet daughter and I were too!  My son was in his room playing video games with his friends so my hubby, daughter and I took the rare opportunity to "be lazy".  We layed around and watched some funny movies.  I had a few snacks of fruit throughout the afternoon and resisted the chips that my hubby and daughter chose...hers were backed, his were not.  I stuck to my guns and enjoyed my tracked 0pp and low pp treats!

I made "Dorito" tacos for take on Taco Bell's Dorito shelled tacos.  I use thick, soft, flour tortillas quickly fried in a very little canola oil.  In the taco goes taco seasoned lean ground beef, iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes, onions, black olives for me, and crushed Doritos.  Sometimes we add guacamole and thinned out fat free sour cream but we had no sour cream and everyone chose to eat the guacamole on the side.  I took the time to weigh and measure my dinner so I could enjoy it and track it accurately.  I am still counting all vegetables as 0pp, except for potatoes and all of their cousins.  If my mind can be satisfied and tell me I don't need 10 other foods  if I eat a reasonable amount of guacamole and I call it 0pp then I am good.  I don't want to avoid healthy foods like avocado, corn, and peas because they have pp values that I might rather spend of some other foods.  So I am going to eat them and call them 0pp until I see the need to change.  For dessert I made some homemade chocolate chip cookies with mini M & M's instead of chocolate chips.  I made a full batch of dough but only baked what we needed for dessert...everyone got 2 cookies...even me for only 5pp! 

I earned 10pp and reached 141% for the day and only used 4 of my weeklies.

** I was also down 3 pounds this morning from yesterday and I am feeling good! **

Day 2...Success!

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