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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 4...Rough day, but I made it through!

I wasn't feeling well when I got up this morning so I figured I would wait to take my walk until I took my mom to the gym.  I should have just gone anyway because by the time I took my mom to the gym I really wasn't feeling like walking.  Instead I spent the morning doing laundry and watching a bit of TV. 

After I got my mom from the gym I made her lunch, picked up my daughter, took my mom to get a pedicure, picked her up, picked my son up, and finally got back home around 3:30pm...sometimes I think several short trips are more tiring than one long one!

When we got home I did some more laundry and cleaned up here and there.  Dinner was lower fat turkey dogs, old fashioned Mac & Cheese, and baked breaded green beans.  We all voted the breaded zucchini is better...I think there is a more balances veggie to breading ratio. 

This afternoon while my daughter and I were home waiting for my mom to finish at the nail shop I was feeling "eaty".  I had a few small snacks, measured everything, and tracked every bite.  At dinner I figured and refigured so I could eat a bit less, still be satisfied, and not use too many of my weeklies.  I ended up using 9 weeklies for the day, which still leaves me with 24...woo hoo!  I was going to make red velvet cupcakes topped with Cool Whip for dessert, but since I didn't want to spend the pp, I opted not to.  My dad wasn't being very nice about dinner which didn't make me want to go out of my way to make a nice dessert anyway...makes me feel kinda mean, but I am tired of getting kicked around!

My daughter and I were going to go to a scrapbook show with a friend we haven't since in almost a year.  Her work schedule is kind of iffy, my mother-in-law insisted on coming to cook, my husband has to work, and I don't like yes, no, yes, no.  Therefore, we are not going.  I would have just taken my daughter even if my friend couldn't go, but since she wasn't too upset I decided it wasn't worth it.  Maybe next year, maybe this point I could care less.

In spite of it all I did well with my eats today.  I won't make it to 100% on my ActiveLink, but yesterday's walk should have been enough to allow me a rest day.

Day 4...Success...

Onto Day 5...

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