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Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 1...January 26, 2013...

I got up for WW, saw the scale, and thought long and hard about what to do next.  I am tired of working so hard to lose one week only to gain the next. 

I got up super early and got to the meeting at 6:20am so I could walk was pitch black so I sat in my car until it was lighter.  I looked through my WW weight log on my phone and decided I should have reset my weight when I rejoined in August.  Once it was light enough, I walk 1 mile, weighed in, walked another mile, sat through the meeting, and walked a 3rd mile.  When I told the receptionist I wanted to reset my weight, I got the same response as last time...."But you have lost so much".  I told her I knew that and was sure I wanted to start fresh with a clean slate!

Saturday was great.  I took the time to slow down a bit, plan my food, go through my new tracker and really sit down with the program like it was all new.  I earned 8pp and reached % on my ActiveLink, I weighed all of my food, tracked every bite, and felt satisfied with my choices, and myself, by the end of the night.

Saturday night my daughter had her first sleepover at a friend's house.  My husband and I were both missing her too much, but she had a good time, was just down the street, and her friend's parents are nice. 

Day 1...of my new 2013 Weight Loss Journey...SUCCCESS!!!

Onto Day 2...

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