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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 153...

The scale was down .5 this morning from yesterday...I still have 3 pounds to go to be able to maintain for Saturday's weigh in.  This week has been a struggle with my son being sick and trying to get my mom everywhere she needs to go.

Yesterday I sliced a good chunk out of my thumb when I was slicing is tender, but I am not going to let it slow me down!  I had planned to take a nice long walk this morning and then another while my mom is in physical therapy, but the weather is not cooperating as it is pouring rain!  I can hardly wait to get back to the gym.  Once we get our taxes back, I am going back for sure...I really miss it!  I am down to two options...returning to my old gym, or going to the gym my mom goes to.  There are pros and cons to each so I have yet to decide.

My gym ~

  • It is literally 3 minutes from my house (driving).
  • I feel comfortable there...with the staff and members.
  • The price is right!
  • The machines and spin bikes are old and should be repaired or replaced.
  • The number of classes, and times they are held, don't fit well into my schedule...or lack thereof!

My mom's gym ~

  • The machines and spin bikes are in better condition.
  • They offer more classes of each type.
  • It is about 10 minutes from our mom only goes every other day...if that often...I would like to go at least 5 days a week. 
  • It is a bit more intimidating...probably members more than staff?
  • It is more expensive.
  • I couldn't shop at Sam's & Wal-Mart, to save a trip,  while my mom is at the gym if I am there too.

I think to make my final decision I will do a trial few days at my mom's and see how it goes.  I actually did join that gym years ago and did not feel as good there as I did at my old gym.  I think I may just have answered my own question...feeling good about the gym you go to is just as important as going!  We'll see!

Last night, after my late night snack, I decided to prepare my eats for today.  I am going to have a homemade pizza for lunch so I chopped up the veggies, canadian bacon, and measured out the is all in one container ready to go onto my crust and bake.  For dinner I am making club sandwhiches, baked zucchini, and eggplant.  I am going to have a salad instead of a sandwhich and have already put the chicken, veggies, and measured out cooked bacon to throw together with some spinach, iceberg, and tomatoes when it is time for dinner.  I also pretracked my entire day to include snacks.  I am not sure what I am going to do for activity...but I will think of something.  I really want to the scale to either stay the same or go down a bit this week.  My TOM is coming along with my random eats this week, less exercise, and general stress, I feel doomed.

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