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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 152...

This morning my son got up and took a shower and still was not feeling well.  He went back to bed and after a few minutes of TV was back to sleep.  I know when he really doesn't feel good because he would much rather watch TV and play video games rather than sleep.

The weather was perfect for a walk this morning, but the serviceman has still not come so I am here taking care of stuff at my desk.  I did some arm exercises with my 5 pound weights for about 5 minutes this morning while waiting for 2 round of english muffins to toast for my daughter and I.  Something is better than nothing, and a lot of little somethings can add up throughout the day!

I had a good, pp friendly, breakfast and made a batch of homemade pizza dough so lunch will be quick and easy.  For breakfast I had an english muffin "open-faced" topped with 1 piece of cheese, canadian bacon, 1 egg, and 1 white.  I was going to top it with tomato, but I forgot to put them in the fridge as I like them cold....I will make up for it at lunch with tons of veggies on my pizza.  I found a canadian bacon that is only 1pp for 5 slices.  I have been having 2 for breakfast and the then the remaining 3 for "free" sometime later in the day.  Today I am going to use them on my pizza.

I did with well with my eats the rest of the day.  Around 8pm, I was physically hungry.  I rarely eat after dinner, but after waiting a bit I decided I truly was hungry.  I had a piece of sourdough toast, cottage cheese, and some strawberry jelly...not too bad...then I had another piece of toast with some peanut butter and jelly.  That last piece put me over...I felt too full and should have waited to decide if I was still hungry.  Next time I will try to focus and pay attention to my body to determine if I still need more, or just want more. 

Day 152...Late night lesson learned...

I did earn 4pp and reach 92% on my ActiveLink...I should have worked a little harder to 100%, but I just wasn't feeling well.

Onto Day 153...

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