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Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 7...One day to go...

Yesterday went well.  Looking back I think I shouldn't have saved so many weeklies for a Thursday.  The scale was up this morning  from yesterday.  It could have been eating so late, eating 17 weeklies on top of my dailies, I didn't figure the pp right on something, Aunt Flo...who knows!?!?!

My hubby's surprises all went well and he was happy.  I got a blurry photo of when he first walked in the door and saw his "beer cake".  I was in the patio waiting to take his picture like a stalker.

Dinner turned out well.  I made beef Milenesa (bread beef quickly cooked in oil), purple mashed potatoes, chicken for my daughter and I, Guacamole, and veggies.  I have been so "good" all week.  Milenesa is one of my weaknesses.  It is so good and goes down so easily...too easily!  I counted pp for what I ate, but I am not sure how accurate it was because of the breading and the oil.  I also had a 1/8" inch slice of cake instead of pudding, but I figured and re figured and decided it was probably 2 or 3pp...I counted it is 3pp.  So all in all I still think I did well yesterday. 

I earned 5pp of activity for running around all day.  I will be sure to have a good day today and I am still hopeful the scale will be down tomorrow morning...Aunt Flo and all dangit!

Off to start Day 7...Prepping for the mother-in-law's shopping, cooking, laundry, picking up the house, etc...

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