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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 10...

Yesterday I only earned 1pp and reached 59%.  My son stayed home sick from school with the stomach flu.  I put my gym clothes on, took my daughter to school, ran a few errands, and by the time I was ready to walk I wasn't feeling well.  I think all of the constant go, go, go is catching up to me.  We rarely do anything fun and I think it is important to have some good to balance out the bad.  Some days I feel like I am just surviving rather than actually living!

I ate well throughout the day and tracked every bite.  When I was cooking dinner I really didn't feel well...super hot, super tired, and just worn out.  We were having hodge podge to finish up some leftovers so I mad my parents' dinner, took a quick cold shower, made my kids and husband's dinners and went and layed down.  A while later I was physically hungry but didn't want to eat so I had a small bowl of cereal.  I ended up eating 2pp under my dailies.  I will add them back to my weeklies which will give me 20 to use during the rest of the week.

We should be getting our tax refund direct deposited tomorrow.  Sadly it will all go to pay of debt, but thankfully so as well.  Last year was tough health wise and financially.  I am hoping this year will be better for both.

Day 10...Success!

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