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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 15...Weigh in...Diet Bet Weight Loss Challenge...

Last night I didn't sleep well.  I know I was super anxious about this morning's weigh in since the scale had not been cooperating the last few days.  This morning it was down to 227.0...woo hoo! 

Since the scale was higher than expected last week after I walked a mile, I decided that I would not walk before I weighed in today.  That proved to be a good idea because I was down 2.6 pounds!  2 pounds that I figured according to my scale, and the extra .6 that it should have been down last week.  I did walk a full, quick, cold mile between weighing in and the meeting starting.  I did not walk after the meeting because I had some grocery shopping to do and wanted to get home.  My daughter is not feeling well again and is running a fever.  I don't know why she keeps getting sick, I think it may be that she hasn't gotten over what she had and then is exposed to something again.  We are just having a quiet day and I am hoping she is better quickly!

My total weight loss is now 5.2 pounds!  In only two weeks and I still feel the same motivation to keep going that I did the week before and the week before that!  No more up one week, down the next, only to be up the next!  I am so glad I stuck to my guns and reset my WW weight loss to 0...I think it was just what I needed to really put last year's struggles behind me, commit to working on my health 100%,  and to have a "fresh start"!  I didn't tell my leader that I reset, and she found out in this morning's meeting when I was celebrating my "first" 5 pounds.  I think she was in shock, as were other members.  Once I explained my reasons for the reset, they were all very supportive.

I joined the Diet Bet weight loss challenge being hosted by Jen @ ItSuxToBeFat.  This is my first weight loss challenge and I am so excited!  So many have joined and I know the support is going to be amazing!

I am already over 75% on my ActiveLink so I am sure I will make it to 100% by the end of the day.  Today is my dad's 83rd birthday.  I made him a cheesecake, bought him a book about JFK, and will make steak, baked potatoes, and veggies for dinner.

Tons to do as always...Day 15...WILL BE a successful day!

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