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Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 14...another WTH scale morning!

This morning I was down .5 pounds from yesterday, but the scale is still not reflecting all of my efforts!  Instead of throwing in the towel, I took my 3 mile walk after I dropped the kids off at school.  My eats today were totally on plan and I tracked them all!  Even though I had 5 weeklies left after dinner, I was satisfied with my dailies and didn't use them...not even when everyone else was having dessert and there was 1/2 of a roll sitting all alone calling my name.

For my walk this morning I parked in the grocery store parking lot where I needed to shop for some sale items.  It was 40 degrees, a bit windy, and super chilly.  It is amazing how different the same temperature can feel with wind and clouds added to it!  I am not complaining in Southern California I will take cold over hot any day!

After my walk I did my shopping, ran into Staples to turn in a used toner cartridge, ran into Target to find my daughter a new water bottle so I could have mine back, and drove thru the bank since it was too early and not yet open.  When I got home I put the groceries away, spent about 10 minutes on the computer, changed my clothes, took my mom to get her hair cut, came back home to make lunch, ate lunch, and then I was off to help at my daughter's school.  After school we brought home her best friend for a play date.  I spent a few hours in the kitchen packaging meat, cereal, and crackers.  I also made a marinade for some skinless chicken legs.  For dinner we had "Shake N Bake" chicken tenders, veggies, and fiber-rich pasta with yogurt butter.  I did not have any pasta.

So far I have earned 10pp and reached 138%.  I still have to finish some laundry and make my hubby's dinner so I know I will earn even more before bed.

Tomorrow is my "second" weigh in and I hope the scale is good to me.  Even if it is not I am not going to give up, but it is so much easier to carry on when I am rewarded "Along the Weigh".

Day 14...Success!

Onto Day 15 and weigh in!

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