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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 30...

I did well with activity and eats today.  I lowered my ActiveLink goal and will raise it back up once I am 100% over my cough and breathing troubles.  Today I made it past 100% and earned 3pp.  I tracked all of my eats today and only used 4 weekly pp.  I wanted to eat several times throughout the day when I wasn't hungry so I drank extra water and brushed my teeth a few extra times!

This week will be busy with my daughter starting track practice.  While she is at practice, I will stay and walk for an hour and a half around the outside of the track.  Until I am better, I will not walk or exercise in the mornings, only at night at her practice...I am also going to walk at a slower pace than normal in efforts of not over doing it.  Once I am better, I will be able to exercise most mornings, and at her practices too...she has practice 4 nights a week so I should have plenty of time for activity!

I knocked out the majority of my to do list today and have tomorrow night's dinner planned.  Tomorrow I will finish the menu through this Friday and finish the rest of my list.  I am trying to stay ahead of things so there is as little chaos as possible.

Day 30...Success!

Onto Day 31...

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